how weird.

  1. i brought an elgin and i protected it probally and i got water on it and it stained so as i had brought 2 bags together (bayswater being 2nd)i got the hump and took it back. They changed it straight away no problems. However i really can't belive that i have just looked on eBay and i am 100% sure someone is selling my old bag that got sent bag the item code on eBay is 270198347884. Have a look. the stain is exactly the same. so i would take it back. I actually think these protecters are rubbish 2 of my paul smith bags have stained from water there customers service are crap though and they weren't interested.
  2. Poor you , you sound like you been having a rough time of it , chin up:smile:

    The proper protector spray that Mulberry recommend is supossed to be fab just take a look at Chazs thread which refers to this spray ..

    unbelivable what she does to her bags , but it works ..
  3. i did use the proper one that is why i took it back. How can they sell a spray that doesn't work?
  4. I have bumped the shoter of the two threads,hope it helps............
  5. God I'm crapping myself now that my oak rosemary won't be protected even when sprayed! This is my first oak mulberry and I think I'm having a heart attack! I've always avoided oak before because of this very problem!
  6. Have a look at the thread,my Elgin is oak and its fine!!!! You have to collinil to the extent its almost running off,wait for it to dry,and as the back of the tin says give a buff with a soft cloth. Use an old towel or something,if you use a yellow duster the fluff seems to get stuck on all the edges of the pockets and things and it takes ages to pick it all off!!! Bout a third of a tin per go was recommended to me by the Managress of Shepton Mallet.
  7. went to Mulberry in Edinburgh today with the intention of buying colonill but got distracted by all the lovely sale bags and forgot to buy any!