How weird - the lacing on my handles is two different colours

  1. How strange (:wtf: or maybe it isn't?) -- the lacing on the handles of my new rouge First is two different colours. One handle has an orangey-red lacing, one has a blue-red lacing. (I've attached a pic, but not sure if this difference is clearly visible.) As my other b-bag is black, I can't compare to other bags to see if this is normal. Maybe it's a result of being a handmade product? Could you girls let me know if you've seen anything similar. I don't like my Ruby any less. In fact, it makes her that little bit more unique, but I'm just curious. Thanks!
  2. helen, i've never seen that before. it looks like one didn't get dyed enough. i'd exchange it, if it bothers you.
  3. i just checked on mine, they're all the same colour though :P
  4. hey helenc - awesome colour btw!!!! i totally agree - if you can exchange it then totally do it!!! your b-bag should be PERFECT!!! :wlae:
  5. Hi Esile, Seahorse and Helen,
    thanks for checking for me. Even though Ruby isn't perfect, I've already become too attached to her to exchange her. :shame: Plus, I've been using her already... The colour difference doesn't bother me -- in fact I didn't notice for two whole days!
  6. I checked my bags and I don't have it but on my grenat one handle is slightly darker than the other one. It doesn't bother me because it's only noticable when you look really closely and she has such an amazing leather that I'd prefer to keep it rather than getting an exchange with veiny, shiny leather. I love "Ruby"
  7. Thanks Tanja! Your grenat sounds lovely! I agree with your thinking. Ruby has beautiful thick leather, so I'm definitely hanging onto her. :smile:
  8. oh interesting!!

    by the way...what is the material of the lacing? it looks like shoelaces to me :P
  9. helen, things like that is what make each bal unique and wonderful. and you said you are atached. so, emjoy your fab bag and know you can pick her out in a line up!:heart: :heart: :heart: no one will notice that but you...
  10. awww, helen. ruby's so lucky to have you! she's a keeper! :love:

    drsm, i guess, sorta like round child shoelaces.;)
  11. helen, I just checked my rouge vif box and the laces are both the orangey-red color.

    so, ruby is truly unique!!
  12. I read somewhere that it's sueded leather? No idea though..

    And helen, Ruby's gorgeous!!!! :love:
  13. Ruby is amazing. I wouldn't exchange her either. I do like some of the quirks of Balenciagas and I find your different coloured lacings unique and special:smile: Stuff like this never bother me. In fact, I don't even check my bags out that well to notice, lol. Enjoy and wear her in good health.:smile:
  14. each balenciaga definitely have their own little quirks. i think the most important thing is the leather! if it's tdf, then keep it!