how wearable is azur?

  1. I really love love the azur line and would really it in the speedy, but I'm just curious - how long during the year would you wear it? Do you think it's strictly a summer bag? Or early spring thru summer? What do we think?
    (Aka convince me!) Thanks!
  2. I use my azur as a school bag (it's not the speedy), so I guess I'd say that it's a year-round bag. It's good for every season imo:yes:
  3. I'm not season specific when it comes to bags. I think the Azur works well with any outfit for any season.
  4. I also say year round. I have Saleyas and I've used them since the release date last Fall.
  5. ITA! :yes:
  6. I agree, the azur is definitely a year round bag :smile:
  7. B/c of the ivory/cream and the blue - I agree with others - it can be a year round bag.
  8. today i'm wearing a denim skirt, a crisp white shirt and my azur speedy 25. i love it! i think it's timeless and classic!
  9. Saw an azur on a girl dressed in dark winter clothes (lotsa black) and the contrast was amazing. Saw another girl wearing azur-matching clothes and it also looked great. So I think it's very versatile and can be worn to spruce up a winter outfit as well.
  10. It would look great with winter white. Looks great with jeans. It's wonderful with grays. Thats how I convinced myself too.
  11. I think it's year round too.
  12. At first, I believed azur could only be worn with white and classy clothes, only in summer, but I realized having them it is easy to wear all year round
  13. this is a def. year round bag- actually, with a winter white coat i think it would be stunning- even better than for spring/summer.
  14. At first, I thought it was a spring/ summer bag from looking at pics. But, now that I've seen it IRL (my speedy), I realized that the colors can be worn year-round.
  15. I am gonna go against the others on this one. I have the speedy 30 and personally think it is just a spring summer bag. It hasn't grown on me yet. I loved it in photos but not as fond IRL.