How we acquire our Coach lovelies!

  1. I get many comments from people about how 'Coach'd out' I am :smile: I do admit that I am starting to have quite the collection of goodies, but I know I am nowhere near my potential!
    So I thought I would list out what I have bought for myself and what my DH has gotten for me as well. I hope you fellow Coachaholics will enjoy reading my lists as I have loved seeing what all of you buy!

    My own purchases: Ladie flats in khaki sig/black patent trim, fuchsia lurex sig mini skinny, heart mix cell phone lanyard, Chelsea turnlock signature wristlet black/black, hamptons signature small wristlet in punch/white, khaki sig keyfob, khaki sig umbrella, valari flats in gold, eau de parfum, garden mix keyfob, ergo signature wristlets in black/silver and khaki/white for my bridesmaids :smile:, jenilee flats in black/black.

    Husband's gifties: Large Carly sig khaki/saddle, signature shoulder tote khaki/brn, ergo wristlet black/silver, chelsea leather wristlet in black for his best man(woman), patchwork wristlet fall 06, daphne snaphead 18" necklace :smile:, mini sig picture frame keyfob, pink mini sig hobo flap.
  2. You have a very nice collection and a DH who is very generous. Enjoy your pieces!:tup:
  3. Nice collection.
  4. What does DH stand for???
  5. DH = Dear Husband:smile:

    Love your list of goodies. You are lucky to have such a dear DH:yes:
  6. Hee, I think of the D as delicious, hahahah!!!

    I am very very fortunate indeed that we can share each other's interests. I support his intense love for fishing (he's also a fish and wildlife major at OSU) and craftsmanship in restoring old rods and building new ones...
    as a result, he knows quite a bit about designer handbags and clothing and knows how to spot fakes and takes great pleasure in pointing that out!

    Basically, we are both enablers! hehe!
  7. wow wonderful collection post some pics when you have time..
  8. Sounds great...Would love to see pics!
  9. pics please!!
  10. Ok Everyone! I will be taking pictures of my family soon, I promise!!!!

    I might be acquiring a key piece of my collection soon but that may take a few weeks so I may not wait that long, but will redo the family portrait when that happens....does that sound good?

    I am on duty this weekend but maybe I will work on it for next week!
  11. wow your collection sounds gorgeous.. I can't wait to see pics!!! :heart:

  12. Wow! Sounds like one awsome hubby and collection! Cant wait to see pics.:woohoo: