how waterproof are the discountinued mini monogram fabric?

  1. I wanted to purchase a discountinued cherry jospehine GM for a school bag. Since I would be carrying notebooks, loose papers, and books in it, water will easily damage my papers if it were to get wet...

    so to all of you mini monogram owners,

    is this something I should be worried about?
    any advice will help, TIA!
  2. You know, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I don't have anything from the mini mono line, but the jacquard canvas should be able to protect the interior contents of your bag just fine. I used to carry a canvas tote to school, and even when it rained, my stuff was never really damaged. Of course, you probably shouldn't leave your bag out for long periods of time because that will really make liquid seep through.

    The only thing I would do is scotchguard the exterior fabric. Although it's easy to remove stains from jacquard, scotchguard will protect your bag better...and make it waterproof. :yes:
  3. No, I used to have a josephine and im almost 100% positive that no water will leak through!
  4. Thank you for posting the question as I'm considering buying one as well.
  5. I live in London and we get lots of rain and my mini mono has always been fine but l wish that l had sprayed the handles with fabric protector as they are a bit grubby now.
  6. I have the Josephine and I must admit it is very waterproof! And it hasn't been Scotchguard yet even. Guess that is something I should have done so it wouldn't have been so dirty around the corners.
  7. Yes they are very durable with regards to the rain. Mu suggestion is to spray the fabric with Scotchguard to help...
  8. i use my Josephine GMs (cherry, khaki and navy TST) for uni bag as well!very roomy!
    i do spray the water proofer thingy each time tho.
  9. really? cool!
    maybe a monogram mini cles is next!
  10. thanks for all your input ladies!
    I am more at ease now =D

    now, anyone recommend and good site that sells scotch gaurd?