How was your Holt Renfrew private shopping night?

  1. What did you all buy?:nuts:
  2. Sigh.. jealousy, I spent way too much over the weekend and I didn't go. Boh !
  3. Me and DH went on Sunday to pick things out - the staff put everything together, rung the CC though and got our gift card ready on Wednesday. We are going to pick up on Sunday! :yahoo:

    Surprisingly enough, I barely got anything! DH really cashed in:

    Hugo Boss shoes
    Lacoste choes
    Two pairs of Hugo pants

    Just the Damier Business Card Holder for me! I won't get it until my BD from my in-laws but it is at least what I want! :yahoo:
  4. I went on Labor Day to take a quick peek around the store, but I have spent so much $$ already this fall, that there wasn't anything I could justify purchasing, even with the GC!

    So, nothing for me...

    AddictedtoLV - Your DH did well!! My DH hates spending $$ on clothes, but Boss is the one brand he's willing to splurge on!
  5. My DH was working late last night so I never ended up going.:sad: Oh, well!:lol:
  6. How you hear about it? What exactly is it? I have a Holts card I wonder why I wasn't invited?
  7. I got an invite in the mail.:shrugs: That's how I heard about it.
  8. I didn't buy any LV unfortunately. But I did buy a new strap for my Philip Stein watch and stocked up on some La Mer products because they had a great GWP :smile:.
  9. I bought a bag. I'm going to post a thread with pics in a bit. I went early though and got my bag and gift card and left. I didn't feel like dealing with the crowds and I didn't have anyone to go with anyway.
  10. Was it a Noe?!:graucho:
  11. I got my invite in the mail as well, along with the Fall Holts catalogue!!
    Not sure how they do the invites - probably to regular customers? It is strange that you have a Holt's card and didn't get an invite - have you not shopped there in awhile?
  12. LOL...maybe... I just posted a thread about it. ;)
  13. I've been dreaming all week about my new babies because my SA was nice enough to put my stuff on hold for me until yesterday's private shopping night so that I could get the gift cards. Here are pics of what I came home with....I :love: them all and was so happy that I couldn't sleep last night, just thinking about which bag to use and what they go with....etc! :nuts: I've never bought so many items at one time so it was a really :smile: feeling! DH went with me but couldn't find anything for himself so I kind of felt bad. But these are my early b-day presents from him :P Lookie lookie:
    IMG_1422.jpg IMG_1423.jpg IMG_1431.jpg IMG_1442.jpg
  14. OMG!!! Nice haul!!!:nuts: Everything is GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  15. Thats some serious shopping