How was YOUR day today? What did YOU do?

  1. Had a GREAT day. Had the TPF meet in BH. I always have so much fun!!!!! I love my purse girls
  2. All I did was sleep all day and now I am at work
  3. I had a rather productive day today.
    First I excercised for 2 hrs.
    Went shopping to H&M, Macy's, Coach Outlet store, Zara, and Aldo. Got some great new gladditor sandals!
    Came home and watched a movie with my boyfriend. Bride Wars was good and so was Star Trek that I saw last week.
    Now I'm unwinding and surfing TPF with my cat beside me.
    Boring day but very typical Saturday for me.
  4. last night i went to go see the movie "the hangover" ---movie is hilarious!

    today i woke up pretty early, considering i went to bed at 4AM. i did some baking today and went to go hang out with the girlfriends. we went out for dinner and headed to the mall. we literally spent 3 hours there, that's surprising since the mall over here is boring! after that we went to the batting cages to hit some balls. and now i'm home relaxing. i'm extrememly tired so i will be going to sleep shortly. hope everyone else had a good day! enjoy the rest of your weekend fellow PFers!
  5. Went to the RM sample sale and met some very nice TPF'ers :smile: I had a BLAST!
  6. Homework, chipotle lunch YUMMMMM and went shopping for a little while. Bought some coach wristlets for seniors that are graduating this week, book from borders, and some shoes. alright day. :smile:
  7. great idea!

    my day... pretty crappy. got up way late, didn't do the work i was supposed to. then my car overheated on the freeway. i checked it out- out of coolant. somehow drove to kragen, got coolant and put it in, went on my way. not TWO freakin minutes later, it's overheating AGAIN! obv NOT a coolant issue then.. :mad:

    so i had to get towed. waited forever to get towed, meanwhile the parking lot i was in some dudes were running a scam banging up cars then offerring to fix them. then a bounty hunter came by. something having to do with the scam. wtf i dunno.

    at least my insurance covered the tow. and the tow truck driver was nice.

    i ain't gonna complain too hardcore. this day would be heaven compared to what some ppl go through. i'm thankful.
  8. i'm your same age and i have the exact same anxieties. especially lately, it's been getting to me in a really panic inducing way. ahhhh.

    i guess the only thing to do is hold on and try our best not to freak out or feel bad for ourselves and DO SOMETHING about it!

    we can do it! :tup:
  9. Its so hard to catch up on all these posts when you dont check in for at least a day lol

    Had a nice day yesterday. Took dogs to the park in the morning, then last night went out to the movies to see "My life in Ruins". Cute movie. Had some drinks at a local cigar bar and maybe too much wine, because I woke up with a headache lol

    Today is just chores, cleaning and grocery shopping. Back to work tomorrow...have a busy week!
  10. Taking my brother to the airport, and driving 45 minutes to eat good Mexican food. Then we'll go see open houses that are for sale. Love doing that.
  11. Exercised in the gym for 2 hours, then watched Federer win the French Open!!:yahoo:Went out for a delicious meal with DH, now waiting for the 'Apprentice' Final!! :nuts:

    Had a fantastic day today!
  12. I went to my friends house for to celebrate her daughter's HS graduation. Kids grow up so fast!!! My DD is now 11! *faints*. the food was great and I had an awesome time!
  13. I stayed home & watched a few episodes of Prison Break w/the BF. He got me hooked into the show!!
  14. Today (last night) I got home late because I went to watch The Hangover with my cousin. It was hilarious! I talked to my boyfriend and then went to sleep at around 2am. This morning I woke up, got dressed, did my makeup, and went to work. I'm sitting here waiting for my boss to show up. I did my daily stalking routine and checked the FIU Law website. They changed the Fall 2009 schedule but still haven't posted what group I am in, blah! I will work until 5pm today and then go to the ICU at Kendall Hospital for the 6:30pm and 8:30pm visit. Then go home and try to catch up with my Tivo. I'm exhausted already and it's only 10:15am...
  15. ^i love that movie! it's sooo freaking funny! i went to go see it Friday!

    today, i didn't do much, stayed home, it was my day off from work *yay*! took a 30 minute nap, worked out for a couple hours...walked out of the gym and a tornado literally hit the ground 500 meters away from me :nuts:

    now i'm home, about to eat dinner. i should start studying, but am too lazy...i shouldn't have taken any summer classes...luckily they're online!