How was YOUR day today? What did YOU do?

  1. Slept-in, did some laundry, washed my two dogs, about to paint my nails and then help the little sister cook dinner.
  2. Slept in
    Hubby is cooking breakfast
    Then we are going to brookstone so he can get his grill and then I'm doing a little shopping at the mall.
    Grab some lunch then head home to relax on the patio
  3. I've had a blissfully lazy day, doing nothing in particular, and it's been great :biggrin:
    I'm having a very busy time with my work and i had to make sure my weekend was quiet or i'd be burned out for the start of another hectic working week !
  4. awesome possum.

    got the next two weeks hammered out before vacation. secured over 140k+ in new $ and helped get another 1.25 mil from outside source..first month..hopefully when i get back it will pick up just as i left it. there are a few more things on the book that haven't solidify just yet. not gonna think about the paperwork........................

    i keep thinking everything is going to fall and i'm going to crash but it hasn't happened yet..still am mentally and physically preparing myself just in case. never know. argh.
  5. Cleaned out a bunch of stuff and threw it away-it's so freeing!
  6. just woke up, freshen myself, drink a cup of warm water, at tpf now
  7. sunday: church, lunch with family, beach, relaxing evening at home
  8. Sunday

    Brunch with family, Monkey Joe with the kiddos, mom's house.

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  9. nice rest day at home
  10. Friday, worked..went out to dinner..went bowling & went out for a late night swim.
    Saturday, went out for an early morning bike ride..went out for dinner & watched a movie.
    Sunday, went out to lunch..went to 3 art museums..went to grocery store & helped SO cook dinner..went out for a late night swim.
  11. just woke up and watching some shows now
  12. Today, worked..went out for a short bike ride..cooked dinner..watching tv now.
  13. Went to work...just tired of listening to my stick-skinny coworker on a quest for another diet and what boring salad she is going to eat tomorrow.
  14. monday: work, ran errands, went to the grocery, went out to dinner with friends
  15. I will post about yesterday since today is just beginning:

    Woke up at 4:50, took the train to work, worked until 4.30pm and then went home. Dinner at 7 (Chicken thighs & drum sticks, zucchini from my yard and oven potatoes), put my babies to sleep and then watched some TV with my DH. Bed at 10.15pm.