How was YOUR day today? What did YOU do?

  1. Whenever I was younger, my parents would always ask me how was school, how my day went, and such.

    I found that asking someone how their day was brightens up that individual. It makes them feel special and they feel someone is actually listening to them. (even if the person you're asking is having a bad day).

    So to make everyone feel special on PF (not that you already are ;))...I thought it would be nice to ask how everyone’s day was/going?

    Whether it was horrible or great, please share with us what you did today!

    I think we would all enjoy reading what each other days are like. :p

    Have a great day/morning/night ;)
  2. I like this idea. I have a teenage daughter who hates when I ask her what she did in school lol so the only person I get to talk to about our days is my dh.

    So, today I had a sales meeting this morning, then ran a few errands, had lunch. Had an appointment in the afternoon for which I will follow-up on tomorrow to see if the man is interested. After 3pm, I was done with work and headed home for the day. Didnt cook dinner, and now Im relaxing.
  3. ^I can relate with your daughter. I also hate it when my parents ask me. Not because I don't want to talk with them, just because, on an average day, nothing really happens. Or I can't remember anything that happened. When I come home from school I prettymuch delete my memory of everything that happened. :p
  4. I hate when my parents ask me. They ask me different questions now, like about individual classes. I'm more willing to ask those questions. My dad still asks me how I slept if he drives me to school. Thankfully my mom usually takes me :p

    i went to school, almost fell asleep in biology, doing homework now. boring!
  5. This is a cute idea!

    I just went to class today, then went to visit some apartments for fall term. Luckily, I found the place I'm going to be living in next year! Decided to live in a studio next year so I don't have to deal with roommate drama. Now I'm just hanging out at home, relaxing on tpf :smile:
  6. Terrible. DH took my keys this morning and I've been trapped at home all day. I can't get any errands done till he gets home from work. I know he didn't do it on purpose but he ruined my whole day.

    On the bright side, I managed to clean the bathroom and do all of the laundry.
  7. I spent the day visiting the doctor and getting some scans done. Gotta love gallstones.
  8. This could be a very interesting thread!! Sometimes, nothing happens. Sometimes, there's too much to even talk about. I got up, had breakfast, went to the hairdresser, went grocery shopping, came home. did one load of laundry, vacuumed the house and made dinner and now we are both home watching "Australia". This is when nothing happens.
  9. Compass Rose, I know what you mean. When I get asked what did you do today, I may often say "nothing", but I actually did things like you did.
  10. Thanks for asking :smile:

    This morning I had basketball camp (it's a week-long thing). Then I came home and lounged around, watched I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here until I was able to tear my gaze away from that monstrosity. It's been a rainy blah day, and my legs are killing me from playing two back-to-back basketball games yesterday plus camp that morning plus tennis that afternoon.

    How was your day, devoted7? :biggrin:

  11. I want your day :girlsigh:
  12. Good idea!

    I woke up at 445am with the puppy, went to work and trained a new employee, went to physical therapy, came home and ate dinner with the hubby. Now I am watching TV/cuddling with the dogs/surfing the net while DH cheers on the Cubs on TV!
  13. What a thoughtful idea for a thread!

    I have found that I've needed someone to ask me this over the past year more than ever in my life, and for whatever reason, I've become the ear for my parents, family, friends, etc, but no one ever asks how my day was.

    I once went an entire week without telling my mother that I got observed by the principal (we are both teachers and it's my first year, so this is big news) - merely because she didn't ask how things were. I wanted to see how long it would take. So yeah, talk about not feeling special (when I'm needing to feel special most, lol).

    My day was terrible. Got up at 5, to work (high school) by 6:30, had my good classes, and then my dreaded last period. Ended up at school until 4 talking with my Supervisor regarding what to do about the student who said he wanted to f*cking strangle me yesterday- press charges or not? I got to hear his friends in the last period trying to get me to say something by saying comments. Got dinner, unfortunately too late to go to the gym w/ my bag that has been sitting in my car (no, teachers don't have all the free time in the world), ate, and then got working on my alternate route class work until now. I also made my lunch for tomorrow.

    Honestly, thank for you asking this. I'm sick of listening to everyone else's problems when I can barely manage my own. I hope everyone else's days (and year) are going better.
  14. :smile: I like this thread!

    My day was normal I guess, woke up late then I had to print out my hw before going to class, got late to class even though it is literally 5 min away from my apartment, after class got lunch with my boyfriend, then followed the UPS truck back to my place [:p I do that when I have a package], I did not like the Jimmy Choo sunglasses I got on my face, so I go to the UPS store to return them, get back again to my place and do hw.... and now I just came back from a long walk.
    Hope everyone's day was great!
  15. It was really great compared to earlier this week and last week (I live in a Dilbert cartoon). I had several hours to myself. I went on a long walk during lunch, and got ice cream. I did a bit of overtime and went to dinner after work with my boyfriend. I have no idea what to do with my life, and that thought has driven most of my other thoughts today. I just took a nice shower and I'm going to go to bed within an hour. I'm looking forward to my trip to New York this weekend. Much needed break, and I'll see precious friends.