how was all this under $200??? Plus I saw NEW Optic!!!

  1. I got, well they had to order them, but I got my Juli Sneakers, tattersall ponytail scarf, legacy stripe ponytail scarf, and heritage stripe mini skinny. It came to $184!!!!!!!! I modeled the Heritage Stripe Satchel, but didnt look as good on me as the Hobo. When I was checking out, She had a couple optic "fat" wristlets and I said "OOOOOOOOOHHH I want that!" An she said they dont come out until March 1st, and they are not in the new catalog! There was white and brown, then she showed me the pink!! TDF!!! Ive been looking and cant find a picture of it anywhere! And I dont know how to play around with the drilldown to find the new products...
    41157_BKHWT_d2.jpg 98087_MTI_d2.jpg 98272_MTI_d2.jpg Q301_KHGU_c.jpg
  2. Whats the style number on that wristlet that you said isn't in the catalog? :smile:

  3. I cant remember!!!! But it was $98.00...
  4. Pink optic?! Gasp! Can't wait to see that!
  5. cute! congrats! :tup:
  6. Great purchases, I love the sneakers, are they comfy?
  7. Congrats on all of your new goodies.
  8. how was all this under $200???

    PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
  9. Ooh, I love everything!! Congrats!!
  10. I LOVE the scarves, so pretty... Legacy & Tattersall :love: my faves!

    Congrats on everything, post pics when they come! And I can't wait for the new optic!!!
  11. I really think I need the tattersall scarf!

    And you mentioned you tried on the Heritage satchel, but liked the way the hobo looked better. Is there a Heritage stripe hobo coming out?
  12. I want those shoes! They been on my wish list forever.
    How do they fit and do you have a picture of you modeling them?
    Im so jealous right now! Kim
  13. I love those shoes! I'm getting them too :yes: :tup:
  14. GREAT things!!! :smile:
  15. I love those scarves!! Great shoes too but I'm so terrible I'd dirty them up in a day!