How warm JCrew Coat w/ Thinsulate

  1. I was thinking of getting the Sybil coat from JCrew lined with thinsulate...How warm do you think that would be? I just moved to Chicago and am looking for a cute coat but very warm because I am not used to this weather at all and am probably colder than most since I have acclimated to the temperature yet!

    Also, I am looking for a puffy coat with a hood, where would be the best place to get one? A super warm there anyway to do cute in a puffy coat?
  2. Cute style! I have a Thinsulate Jcrew coat and it is Super warm. I've never felt cold wearing it. Thinsulate is impenetrable to gusts. The pockets on that coat are really good for keeping your hands warm (sooo important if you live in Chicago...)

    Puffy - North Face is always a safe bet. If you want to do cute... maybe Juicy Couture?
  3. If you will be out all day in Chicago, be sure to layer the JCrew coat with sweaters. It can be brutal here in February. I have one that I wear but I am mostly in my car. This will be my first winter with it but I do have the long Eddie Bauer puffy coat with the hood, etc. I hate being cold!