How versatile is a white gaucho?

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  1. #1 Aug 24, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2008
    Hey girls, I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake cos dior no longer makes it. But better late to the party than never, no? Anyway, I've admired gauchos for ages, just got a little sidetracked into bbags and miu mius for a bit :shame:

    Anyway, I'm seriously considering a white gaucho now (the medium? altho may consider the bigger one). But just need to find out from those in the know how versatile it is. It's gorgeous obviously but would you carry it while wearing a casual summer dress (does it look too i dunno coarse, or can't think of a better word now, for dresses?)? Or is it strictly a jeans and top kind of bag? Would you wear a gaucho with a LBD?

    Sorry, also, cos I can't try them on anymore (the last time I tried them on was ages ago) can you put much in the medium gaucho? I've checked old threads but I don't really get a sense of how much can be put in cos I'm a carry the earth around me kinda girl. Eeks sorry for asking all these stupid (and dated) questions. TIA!!!
  2. I have 2 Gauchos: a medium green denim Gaucho and a large blue double saddle Gaucho. (And right now I'm on the hunt for a white and a red double saddle:wlae:)

    I think the white Gaucho is fantastic. I had the opportunity to buy one a while ago but I passed (got the blue one instead). Now I'm completely obsessed the white one (and the red one!), and I'm hoping to get those soon. :drool:

    I wear my Gaucho with almost anything: with jeans, a nice top and boots for a cool look, with summer dresses for a boho look (I'm wearing a dress most of the time) and even with dressier pants and a nice V-neck jumper to give that combo an edgy touch. I've also worn my Gaucho with a LBD to make it look more casual (combined with boots and a fabulous necklace+bracelets). I recently bought one of those maxi dresses with an African print, and I must say: It looks fab with my blue Gaucho! I would also wear my medium Gaucho for (casual) nights out (pub, movies,...).

    As for the medium Gaucho; it has a decent size. I can fit my umbrella (a necessity over here:rolleyes:), sunnies (large Chanel case), wallet (also quite large), paper tissues, keys, compact mirror and phone into it. But I must say: I prefer the double saddle over the medium. It's completely closed by a zipper pull, I love the 2 different compartments, I love the more 'bulky' shape of it and it can fit more stuff (not that much more, though).

    Hope this helps!:yes:

    Here are some pics of my Gauchos (I've also included some pics of my blue Gaucho combined with some dresses):


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  3. Some more outfits (I put those together earlier on for anotther thread) to give you an idea:


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  4. And 2 more:


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  5. Fantastic posts, Elsie87! :woohoo:

  6. Oh wow! Thanks so much!!!! Cute outfits!!! :smile: Hmm... I'm just afraid that it'll become passe, altho I really really do like the gaucho...

    ps: went over to your showcase :drool:. do you use your gauchos or chanels more?
  7. Oh btw, forgot to ask: I normally carry my wallet, phone, keys, makeup, umbrella and a book.

    Sounds like a medium won't be enough (awww but it's such a pretty shape!). Is the double saddle (my second fave gaucho shape) big enough to carry all that?
  8. Yup! :yes:
  9. thanks much!!!!! hmmmm oh dear, sounds like I'm going to be getting one soon....

    oh sorry but just to ask again. do you prefer your gauchos over your chanels? on balance, which ones get more mileage? thanks again :smile:
  10. You're welcome! And thanks for the compliment ( and eminere too!)!:heart:

    Well, I just bought my 2 Chanels (the first one a month ago, the other one last monday) so I haven't carried them that much yet. It's still too early to say.

    My blue Gaucho is still my favorite bag and I don't think that's gonna change anytime soon! :yes:

    And another thing: I wear lots of colour; like blue, green, olive, brown,..., and I just love my Gauchos with those colours! I tend to wear my Chanels with my darker coloured (and more dressy) outfits. So I think my Chanels are more suitable for fall/winter (or dressier occasions during the summer, check my Bag Showcase if you're interested;)). But my Gauchos on the other hand I can wear every season! It always looks fab! (Can you see how much I'm in love with the Gaucho?:graucho:) Chanel on the otherhand will always be a classic. Depends on what you like best. :yes:
  11. Yay!!! Gauchos rock! :nuts:

    Check my previous post for the answer to your question. ;)
  12. Hi ! another gaucho lover here...if you worry about versatility of gaucho, how about getting a tote? its less casual than the shoulder bag, yet it still gives your outfit a nice gaucho edge ! I can fit all my daily stuff, wallet, keys phone small umbrella and a book and even packed you can still put it on your arm if you want to :yes:

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  13. I can see a beautiful balenciaga in your avatar ( is it lilac?), here is a shot where you can compare the size with city ;)

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  14. thanks again elsie!
  15. oh thanks so much nataliam!!! my god you have crazy beautiful bags!!! :drool:

    i'm looking for a shoulder bag really, cos all my bags are totes (or look better as totes) and they kinda hurt my arms a bit. can you lengthen the straps of the larger gaucho for it to go over your shoulder? if not, i'll probably have to settle on the double saddle.

    ps: yup it's lilac. love her! am very tempted by this season's sapphire as well - better than last year's violet i think. arggggh. but no no, have to focus :sweatdrop: For now, it's between a white gaucho and a white JC ramona. (do you happen to have one for a comparison shot? hee) thanks!