How versatile is a Berry Blake? r/o...

  1. I just purchased a Whiskey Blake (LOVE!) and I love how organized the Blake is compared to some other bags. I'm just wondering if I should get one in a more "punched-up" color. My first choice would be brick or tomato, but since I'll probably never find those and there seems to be an over-abundance of Berry Blakes out there....should I go for Berry? I've seen the new Bordeaux and chose the Whiskey color over it. I just wasn't thrilled with Bordeaux. Or is there another color I might find on sale somewhere, having just paid full price for the Whiskey? TIA.
  2. Personally, I'm not a fan of the Berry color. I would much rather hold out for another color.

    Off topic, but do you mean Peanut? I think Whiskey was from Fall of 2006.
  3. LOL.. When I called to see what colors they had I was told it was "Cognac". When I went in person and saw it I asked what color it was because it looked too dark to be Cognac, and she scanned the tag and told me it was Whiskey. Nothing in the bag itself indicated to me what the official name was so I don't know if it was a new bag for fall or an older bag. Either way, I loved the color. I just think it was be handy to have a not quite so neutral color as well, but cannot decide what would be most versatile. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. If you wear a lot of reds, then Berry might not be such a great choice. I got one of the Berry Venetias a few months ago when they were popping up all over the place. In low light, it's a better color than under office flourescent lighting. I still love the color though! It's just not for everyday.
  5. O/T - what does "r/o" mean in your title? I've seen people write this before...
  6. Maybe "read on"?
  7. Yes, r/o means read on. I checked the tag inside the pocket on my new Blake, which reads "R06" so I guess the color I got was Cocoa, not Whiskey. Both the sales associate at NM and their scanner told me the wrong color. No matter, I love it anyway. I think even with my largely black maternity wardrobe it will be an excellent everyday color. The more I carry it the more I love it. It's not as heavy as I thought it would be. Now if I could just find another suitable color for the days when I want to punch things up. I wish eBay wasn't such a treacherous place....
  8. ^^Thanks for answering my question. I would never have guessed that's what it stood for. LOL

    I like the Berry color but I'm not sure it would be very practical for you. I think Tomato would probably work better. It is definitely hard to find a Blake, any color, on sale. I go to NMLC and Off 5th at least once monthly and I've only ever seen 2 Blakes - one in Peacock and one in Petunia Pink.
  9. <sigh> I guess I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled
  10. You saw a Peacock Blake on sale? That would be worth $1 million on eBay! I'm so jealous!
  11. I would love to have a Blake. I wish there was a list somewhere of every color each soft calf style came in. I have no idea how many colors the Blake was made into. I'd love to find a great brown and a fun color that would work well with my wardrobe. I mostly wear warm shades, so a lot of the colors I see (Berry, bright pink, etc.) would not work for me.
  12. ^^Yes, I did but it was a long, long time ago. Like almost a year ago before I really started buying a lot of MJ bags. Little did I know how great a bag it was!!:push:
  13. I agree the blake is such a useful bag! I have one in black, and debated if I needed another in a brighter color as well. I've seen some on eBay in lighter pinks that might go with more than the berry. I think they came in Sap as well, which is gorgeous!
  14. Was the Blake made in Pomegranate? I like that color and it would be great in the Blake. I want a color, but nothing too bright and I don't really want pink. Peacock would be beautiful.
  15. OMG Peacock Blake is my holy grail. You are very lucky. I've only ever seen 1 Blake at my NMLC and Off 5th's and that was one in Tomato Red last October.