How user friendly is the ludlow? Can you put cash in it?

  1. I like the French Purse and the Pochette wallet but the ludlow is more funds friendly. I want something I can put cash, a few cards (3-4) and change. Can you put cash in it? If I chose to put cash in the coin comparement, would I need to fold USD bills three times or would folding it just in half fit? Thanks much!
  2. Actually, I found old threads! So no need to answer. =P
  3. It will fit if you fold it in half. I think folding it in 3 would make it too bulky.
  4. Lol I was gonna ask this too! now I have to look for these older threads
  5. well. i think over time it may be better to just save for the big one.
    ludlow is good for a smaller person, like me. but i dont have a checkbook, or a cc, or an agenda yet. so i think i will be needing another wallet one day.
  6. I agree with bvbirdy..if you are a big wallet girl you might as well save up extra funds and wait to get a bigger wallet. I ended up getting a ludlow (as a replacement for my cles) but it didn't work. i didn't like how cash and cards were in two separate sections, I like how i can open and see my cards and cash...
  7. It's a great little wallet. I like it and find it very useful when I use smaller bags but I never carry cash.
  8. I got one recently to use when I'm carrying my Papillon. It's really small and not very functional. I try to cram bills into one of the card compartments. It's a hassle. :push: