How useful is the DIOR romantique pouch?

  1. Just wondering if anyone has this DIOR heart shape pouch and how useful is it? I know it's quite small but i'm thinking of carrying it in the evenings, does it look too childish?

    It's soooo cute though!!!

    (the one on bottom right corner)

  2. i hope i don't offend anyone by speaking my mind. i thought it was supercute... but i don't think its something to be worn outside at all... but like... something you put inside your bag to hold coins maybe? Something that small should be at least sophisticated to be used as an evening clutch/pouch, and its a bit too cutesy for sophisticated.

    its still a beautiful item to own though!
  3. I also think it's very cute. I guess it depends on where you're going, I think it would be fine to take out dancing with your friends or somewhere that has a fun casual vibe.
  4. It is very small but I would still take it out to the bars...etc. I personally don't like carrying a huge or even a medium size bag when I go out. At least for me it's perfect for a night out at the bars or clubs.
  5. i think its the cutest baby ever and i wouldnt mind taking it out and showing off ! :wlae:
  6. i like it and i wanna get one! where can we get it? I don't think it's on e-lux yet, is it??
  7. its so adorable! :p If i get it , i'd use it as an outing clutch rather than a coin purse that sits inside my bag.. it's too cute to be hidden inside a bag
  8. i went to dior to check on that pouch ... its very tiny .. and a bit diffcult to use as a pouch by itself .. cos the zip start at side way .. but it is very very cute indeed ... :p
  9. love this pouch it is so adorable! when i saw it at dior in holt renfrew, they had it attached to a larger bag, and i thought it looked absolutely gorgeous! whether you will carry it on its own or attach it to another bag, i think its a wonderful purchase.