How useful is a mini pochette accessories?

  1. I'm having a hard time finding pics of it on the shoulder. I'm under the impression it's usually used as a organizer inside a handbag. Does it look weird on the shoulder because it is so small? How about as a clutch? Overall, is it worth buying?
  2. I wouldn't really suggest it for a shoulder bag. If you want something that can be put on the shoulder, you should get a regular sized pochette. The mini works as a clutch but as a shoulder bag, it's almost TOO small and you'd definitely need to have some kind of extender of some kind on it.
  3. I'm about to get one as an organizer for my Speedy, but I want to aso use it as a clutch... it would probably look sgood on the shoulder too
  4. I use it as a wallet with my ludlow wallet together.
  5. I'm thinking of getting one to use as a bag / organizer inside my regular sized pochette and popincourt. I think that's what most people use the mini's for, although I have seen them used as "wristlets" before, especially at clubs and bars!
  6. I can barely fit anything in my mini. I have a mono one and also had a cerises one that came with my bucket. A pochette accessoires is perfect for keeping everything I have in my bag organized AND I can pull t out of my bigger bag in a crunch when I just want something to use that's small on my shoulder.
    I wouldn't think it would work at all on the shouler. It's Really small IRL.
  7. It is def. not a shoulder bag.
  8. It's a perfect little clutch and also looks nice in the crook of your arm. You can also attach the chain so it's like a wristlet. So worth the $:smile: $
  9. Don't know whether it's worth the money cos I don't remember how much it cost me. I use it to organise my tablets/tampons my Speedy. HEhehe...

    Apart from that I use it to go to do food shopping... nothing more than that.

    Definately not ashoulder bag. It's way too small. Even my skinny arms hides the mini pochette!
  10. Ok, I found that in an earlier post, someone purchased the pouch thats comes with marais, the one thats similar to the mini pochette accessories but i think an inch or two bigger for $140 plus the chain for $60. Do you think I may be able to do that with the azur too?
  11. i use mine as a wristlet- when i only want to take out a few items and don't want to deal w.a purse. also, it fits right into any bag, so it's handy that way, too. i absolutely love mine, even though i don't use it all the time. the gold chain makes it a little dressy, too.
  12. :yes:
  13. I use mine to hold cosmetics, my contact case, medicine, etc inside my bag. It's a great little organizer! It's WAY too tiny to use as a shoulder bag IMO.
  14. It definitely won't fit on your shoulder even if you're skinny. It wouldnt look right with any extender

    I use it to keep my powder compact, 2 lipsticks, a duo eyeshadow compact and eyeliner. You can use it as a clutch or wristler or attach it to the D-ring of your bag. Hope this helps..:smile::smile::smile:
  15. I think it would make a good clutch or make-up bag. I've been thinking of getting one as an organizer or make-up bag for my bigger bags.