How useful is a key holder??

  1. I was cleaning out boxes in my room and stumbled upon an old striped Fendi 6-key holder that was given to me as a present when I was 14. I also noticed that there were two mini diary keys attached it (haha).

    Now I have three questions:

    1) How can I take the darn keys off?! They seem totally stuck. And the hooks look the same as the LV ones.

    2) Why do people use key holders? I've always wondered. I've never used this one, cause I thought it was strange to not have keys on a ring since you'd have to snap open the case to use a key.

    3) How do you use a key holder? Do you open the case, pull out, let's say, a car key and stick it in the ignition with the holder closed and hanging out, etc?

    I'd love to understand this strange.."contraption" more! :rolleyes:
  2. do you have pics??
  3. a key holder is much more useful than you think :yes:. i have a Dior 4-key holder, and i can't imagine how i ever went without it before

    1) you have to pry the hooks open a little, which can be a little difficult because the hooks are meant to be stiff so that your keys don't fall off

    it keeps all the keys organized, i guess. i used to have them all on a key ring, but they were clattering all around in my bag, so i the end i got fed up and got the Dior case

    i have my keys all inside the case, with my automatic engine starter hanging out. and yes, when i'm driving the holder is hanging off the key
    dior key.jpg dior key 002.jpg
  4. Here!
    DSC03241.JPG DSC03242.JPG DSC03243.JPG
  5. I just received my mandarin, six key holder. It has taken some time to get used to it (I had always just kept my keys on any old key ring). I just open the holder, use the key, and place the key back into the holder before I snap it shut. I only place keys that I use once in awhile in the holder. That way I am not always having to open and shut it. I am afraid I will break one of the little holders. Hope I made some sense.:upsidedown:
  6. I dont bother with those because of the size of the car keys these days. Keys cannot comfortably fit in those things and I have two car keys hanging off my keychain. I think the object of those keyholders is to keep your keys from scratching up the interior of your bag.