How usable is this?

  1. Not my cup of tea. Looks like it would be awkward to hold. Plus, seems too heavy with spring right around the corner. Resist the bargain!
  2. i'd like to see it in person, i'm not sure if i like it.
  3. seems awkward to me..
  4. Those are the "2005" limited edition bags, but forgot the name. I guess you could wear dressed down. I also think it looks uncomfortable to hold.
  5. no offense, but they look kinda like back massage cushion for me :sad:
  6. I am not a fan of that whatsoever. It looks awkward to hold.
  7. I would buy it as a collector's piece, but not as a functional bag.
  8. exactly! i wouldnt get it either...ive seen it on bluefly before, but i'd rather put the money towards a bag i love that i can use always.
  9. It's a bit odd to me... But if you love it, it can very easily be worn with jeans and a simple top I think.
  10. Totally agree!