How unlucky have you been with a car ?

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  1. well ladies, i think my car is cursed, all in the space of a few weeks, my car has been nearly written off at one roundabout, not my fault, i had it back for 2 weeks or so, then someone else hit me at another roundabout last week, again not my fault, on the same day, as you can imagine, my nerves already frazzled, i was backed into in the school carpark, luckily no damage this time, but boy, didn't the poor bloke get it in the neck .
    oh, my daughter was sick in it too the other day, and i just can't get the smell out.
    anyone got any vehicular tales of woe to share ?
  2. I used to have a brand new car (had it for about 4 years i think), no problems AT ALL... never hit anything.. never got hit... never any engine problems... NOTHING!

    i traded it in for a somewhat used but very nice vehicle a couple years ago... withthis vehicle.... i got my first flat tired by running over a street sign that was laying on the road (i couldn't get over into the other lane), not realizing that there was a screwing sticking out of it, it got stuck in my tire and swung around with my tire... cracking part of the ground effects right behind my tire.

    after about a year the cd player in the stereo (factory stereo) would not spit out the cd i had in there.. it was stuck. it would play, but would not eject.

    then my friends borrowed it one weekend to go out of state to pick up some furniture... some weird light came on about some electrical malfunction and when they looked it up it basically said the vehicle may shut down and need to be towed... then the vehicle would not even go above idle and they were on the interstate. they shut it down for a while... (they were about halfway to their destination), called her dad cause he lived nearby... and after awhile they started it back up... turned off everything that was electrical (Basically the stereo) and did that the whole rest of the trip...

    after the incident (which has NEVER happened again) my cd player miraculously worked again... my cd popped out.

    i've had the engine light come on... spent about $1000 getting a bunch of stuff fixed because of it...

    my driver seat is electric and sometimes it will work and sometimes it wants to be stubborn (will still go back and front, just not up and down like it's suppose to - it acts like it's stuck on something)
  3. My parents had a car that was hit (and damaged badly, but never "totaled") 3 times in one year :blink:
  4. Well, let's see...I set my DH's car ON FIRE yesterday!!! I had run the batteries out of my car by mistake, and borrowed jmper cables from the neighbor. My DH was already pissed at me, so I decided to take care of it without him ever knowing. WELL...the neighbor came over, and helped me hook the cables up, and apparently there was a short...I'm not sure...but next thing you know flames are jumping out of the hood of my husband's truck!! I quickly ran inside, and doused the fire with flour, but it melted some of his grill. So instead of having to tell him that my battery was dead, I had to tell him that I set his car on fire!!!!
  5. Oh...and another one...while living in Hong Kong, on the day I got my drivers license...I hit a bus!! I didn't realize that in HK, you are NOT to move the matter what. So I got in trouble with the police for moving it out of traffic. A few months later, I was at a red light, and got rear-ended (this was on a Monday), I got m car out of the shop on Wednesday, and had another accident with a bus on the Friday (it hit me this time). But it really sucked having to call my husband and tell him that I had been in 2 wrecks in one week!!!
  6. I've had the entire body of my car replaced in the 8 years I've owned it. None of the accidents were even my fault. I've even been hit as I was waiting to turn left into the body shop to have damage from a prior accident fixed!
  7. Not unlucky at all. Any damage I have had has been wear and tear or minor cosmetic things such as the fabric on my moonroof coming off - I haven't fixed it because the moonroof shield is always open
  8. My beautiful car is a magnet for other car doors and shopping carts. I have so many dings and dents on my car its horrible. And its a bright red '07 mazda3....with many blemishes!!:crybaby:
  9. I'm beginning to think my car is cursed. Over the course of the past two months I have:
    -been in an accident due to snow that caused $5K of damage (luckily I only had to pay my deductible)
    -cracked the oil pan on the bottom of the car (came out to the car to see a puddle of oil underneath it)
    -and then this morning, started the car and the engine just kind of sputtered then stopped...turns out a wire shorted out and the electrical system was screwed up. Luckily only had to sit at the car dealer for about two hours for them to fix it!

    Hoping this is it for a while!
  10. gotta love cars!
  11. I just had to take my car in because the dashboard light went out. Since I commute an hour to and from work, obviously not being able to see my dashboard at night is a big deal.

    "Sorry officer, I can't tell how fast I'm going because the light in my dashboard isn't working." Yeah, that would sit well.

    I took it in on Friday and figured how much could something like this cost? He's still working on it and had to order a friggin' switch from Land Rover. This will probably cost me $600 for something that was ridiculous in the first place. What, he couldn't get a switch from Home Depot? Only costs $2 there...

    I hate to see how much it'll cost if it actually breaks down.
  12. l'm fine, but people love running into mine while parked....3 cars all wacked really bad...the last one just before xmas, was rammed up someones drive, l thought l had a blonde moment and left the handbrake off!!!!.....anyway they wrote Pammie off, and DH bought me another one, but its just not the same :sad:....l wish i did not need a car xxx
  13. I totalled my jeep on Nov. 23 and then on christmas day i totalled my best friends car by hitting a cow that was out in the road... in the EXACT same place I hit totalled my jeep!

    soo.. im glad 2008 is OVER!
  14. Well, we've been pretty lucky with cars, but we have a 1994 Sentra that has been there and back. The DAY after we got it (and I was pregnant) I got a flat. I couldn't change the tire because the $%&# shop had tightened the lug nuts too tight, so (pre cell phone mania days) I had to walk to a service station, call AAA and wait. They changed the tire to the spare. Well, I drove it back to the dealership and while driving those 5 miles I bent the donut's frame on the tire. And then just little by little things started to go. First the power was being zapped so we learned we had to undo that one which meant the radio didn't work right and the electric overhead seat belt thingee didn't work, so you had to always be sure to undo your belt before turning off the car or else you were trapped. Then the rear window started to slide for no reason, DH got in a fender bender, the interior fabric started to sag, the door lock stopped working, the fan can't change from circulate to recirculate, our trunk leaks (from the tail light assembly and can't be fixed) and more recently sometimes the car won't start at all unless you jiggle the joystick. I'm sure there's more. It's paint is mostly worn off too. And it only has 80,000 and for a 1994???
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    I have a whole thread about my car when I totalled it!!!

    Lets see...when I had it...lets go way back!

    DH hates me for this. I bought it because it had round head lights. Hands down the only reason why I bought that car.

    The weekend of our wedding we let our friends drive that car to the wedding. They hit a deer that night on the way home, taking out the side mirror.

    A few months later (working in a call center) I got the message that my horn was blowing and blowing and blowing. Then the horn died. Never worked again.

    Ran great for a while...we moved a couple times, from one bad neighborhood to a really, really bad neighborhood to a super nice neighborhood. It wasn't until that move that it got broke into...7 times!!!

    Then the poor thing started to die. I couldn't run the air conditioner without it put-put-putting out on me!

    Then it hailed.

    Cracked the front windshield and dented the you-know-what out of the entire body! I never got any of that fixed.

    After putting $3,000 in it to get a new computer and some oil-thing-a-magiggy replaced, it rained one night. So bad...that it flooded the street that my car was parked on all the way up to the grass. Standing in the street, the water was almost to my knees! Needless to car flooded.

    Fast forward to ANOTHER move...I popped the trunk months after that rain storm. I had had dog food in the trunk and apparently never needed in there after the flood. The dog food had turned into tons of little mites. EVERYWHERE.

    I never got the water smell out of my car.

    The day my car went to car heaven, I was supposed to go to lunch with my boss. He punked out on me last minute so I was in a huge rush to go get food and bring it back to the office. I got my food fine, and on my way back was stopped at a light. It didn't have turning lights, just the regular go, slow and stop light! I was in a turning lane to go left, crossing two on-coming lanes. There was a car in the inside lane waiting for the light to turn green, just like me.

    There was no one in the far outside lane. Speeding limit was 45 miles an hour.

    The thought really did cross my mind to just go when that light turned green, but I didn't. And didn't cross her mind either.

    So the light turned green. She didn't go. And didn't go. And didn't go. So I did. I saw the BIG HUGE truck in that far outside lane that had been empty through my passenger window, right before it hit me. I spun in a circle, felt my seatbelt get REAL TIGHT!!! and closed my eyes and held on for dear life!

    Totalled that baby.