How true is this?

  1. A girl in my class told me she paid $70 dollars for a Marc Jacobs bag. It looks like a huge white bowler with the Pan Am logo with the words Marc Jacobs going though the pan am logo. She said she got it at such a huge discount at the boutique because it was off season or something. Is this possible to get a Marc Jacobs, this cheap? I never heard of anything like this before.
  2. I think they were selling Pan Am bags for really cheap a while ago but my memory isn't the best LOL
  3. i guess it could be possible to get the Pan Am bag for $70. It's a LE Pan Am by MJ only sold in MbMJ boutiques.
  4. yes, i think they were being sold at $64 or $68 something like that...
  5. The MbyMJ (Marc by Marc Jacobs) is the more inexpensive line.

    BUT I don't think anyone here has seen/heard of the PanAm bag being on sale in the boutiques. The boutiques (MJ collection or MbMJ) very rarely put any bags on sale. It's not like the other vendors (Dept stores, etc.) that have periodic % sales to clear their stock.
    Once per year, they may gather a certain line that is being discontinued and have it on sale to the public in ONE of their stores. It is so unusual that most MJ followers know the line and color IF it ever happened.

    In-house they sell discounted at employee sales, and some of these wind up on eBay. So maybe she knows an employee who purchased it discounted.
  6. If I'm not mistaken the Pan Am bag was sold for $68 and its under Special Items. MJ has a whole bunch of items under Special Items that are affordable. Check out the website and click under Special Items. ;)
  7. exactly what i was gonna say. on the website theres a white pvc one for $48.
  8. they had a TON of these bags at the new MbyMJ store in Chicago - I didn't look at the price but I"m pretty sure they are somewhere around $70 - MJ stores will ship to you for a flat rate of $20 - If you really wanted the bag, you could order it directly from them.

    Personally, I don't care for it - It's not really an "MJ" bag. I would much rather have one of the several tote bags that actually say MARC JACOBS on them - they had them as low at $14!! You could get one in every color and STILL spend less than the PanAm bag costs!
  9. oh this is true. you girls are good!
    Is this the one in the special items, the one that say's Jacobs in bold letters?
  10. I bought both versions of the PanAm bags around November. The explorer was $64 and Innovator was $48.
  11. ^^^^Well there we go - THAT is the answer!
  12. what a silly girl... thinking she got such a good deal...
  13. there's a ton on eBay. i bought a blue one on eBay a while ago for about $35...resold it for about $60. they're cute bags but scuff easily and aren't made all that well....
  14. i use mine as an overnight's a cute bag for overnighting it but still having something by marc
  15. This is the "Dip-Dyed" one I got for $14 - it came in a bunch of different colors

    This one was $17 (altho it doesn't say Marc Jacobs on it - it's still my favorite!!)





    And this is what they used instead of shopping bags to bag all my goodies in (I got two - I hope they still have them the next time I go!!) - it's actually the same type of bag as the dip-dyed one: