How True Is This ... ~~im Curious ~~

  1. i found this on a post on a -vogue forum- and i wondered if its true wut they say, literally it went like this: that some collections are burnt instead of goin on sale... supposedly on chanel.. but then a girl corrected sayin dat LV its da one the never goes on sale but i was wonderin if any1 heard dat they burned them?? .. i have the link here... if sum1 wants 2 read it ...on page 2 - name: 336...

    well i juz found this n got curious & dat shows exclusivity but PUT EM ON SALEE INSTEAD!!! lol :shame:

    HOPE EVERY1 ENJOYIN THEIR HOLIDAYS... !!! :flowers::flowers:
  2. I've heard that LV does that instead of giving the "leftover" bags to employees or selling them at discounted prices, they just burn them to remain exclusive.

    Chanel bags rarely ever go on sale, but when they do, it's usually the bags that weren't popular. I've never heard of Chanel burning any leftover bags. Basically everything sells out eventually, or at least that's what I think.
  3. Australian Vogue forums :smile:
    I'm not sure if it is true but I read that too.
  4. Jeeze us girls in the LV forum thought that Chanel burns the
  5. I heard that Chanel do not resale damaged bags- even at discount so they will just burn them
  6. I'm sorry I don't quite understand what you're trying to say, but in my post on Vogue, I said that LV doesn't go on sale.
  7. come to think of it, i have never seen an LV go on sale. I have seen gucci, chanel, dior, but never LV.
  8. my actual question is : who the designer dat burns then?? chanel or LV .. n well we know LV doesnt go on sale n like some of chanel does.. so da actual question is which bag is burnt??? i know 336 u corrected by sayin LV doesnt go on sale but my question its the other part.. the burning part.. :shame:
  9. LV does not go on sale and they wait until their bags sell out, that is why sometimes you can find a Limited edition bag a year later still on the shelf. But if the bag is defected or cannot be repaired (for a customer) then they destroy it!
  10. When I began my fascination with Chanel in the late 80's, early 90s, my SA at the boutique told me Chanel burns what does not sell and I took that to meant the clothes. The thought never occurred to me that handbags would be destroyed as well. Reason: Chanel did not want to see their goods on bargain racks, etc.
  11. ive seen chanel at nm last call
    but it would be interesting if they burn it
  12. Yes! I was told the same thing. It never occurred to me if the bags were included, but I know people who have tried to find older sale items of clothing... and the answer always is, that they were "destroyed."
  13. LV burns their leftover materials: the pieces from the cut fabric, etc. They do it to prevent the manufacture of fakes with the leftover fabrics. Not that this helps anything though.

    I don't know about their overstock. I thought they just kept items until they sold out, like Chanel.
  14. i don't know the answer to OP's question, but my SA tells me that anything from last season typically goes on 30% the first year, then 40% the second year and then 50%. if it doesn't sell by then, they are to send everything back to paris. and the reason why the u.s. always has different, or rather bigger and better sales than the rest of the world is becuase, everywhere else is controlled by chanel's head office in paris, whereas the u.s. is run as a separate entity by chanel u.s. so they don't do everything like the rest of the world. in canada, there's never ever any 2nd markdowns, if it doesn't sell within the two weeks that it's on sale for then it goes back to reg. price until next year.
  15. I know they have an outlet in NY woodbury Commons so they probably send a lot of stuff there.