How tough is it to get on the waitlist in Chicago?

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  1. My SA in Troy told me that because of changes in NM's policies, my only hope for getting a Kelly or a Birkin is through a boutique or reseller. Apparently, NM management holds back the few bags they get for big NM spenders (she said $75K and up!).

    I'm still keeping an eye out on resellers even though the super-fakes thread is making me paranoid. I have a trip to Chicago planned next month. So, how do I go about getting on the list long-distance? Thanks for any tips!
  2. Hi, Kenzie - Your best bet is to spend time at the store getting to know one of the SAs & expressing genuine interest in H as a brand...not just a Kelly or Birkin. I don't believe that they have a "list". Good luck!
  3. i got my kelly 3 months ago, i went in the store and they actually have 3 kellys in the back, so you might get lucky as well, cant say that for a birkin when i was there they only have the birkin with the diamonds in it $140,000 +, my husaband will surely divorce me if a went home with that one, i am still on the list for a gold birkin.
    my SA is Mauricio, very friendly and sweet.
  4. Thanks for the tips! Yes, I definitely have interest in the H brand as a whole. I'm impatiently waiting for the fall stuff to come out so I can snag a purple Tohu Bohu shawl and check out the new scarves. If they have CDC cuffs, I'll be all over those too!

    Any other tips for building a long-distance relationship? I hope to find "my" SA on my trip!