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H is for HOCKEY
Jan 29, 2006
tell someone that you will NOT provide any additional pictures unless they are serious about the item?! I know this sounds like a silly question but I have quite a few auctions running with ALL items being high end designer items (shoes, bags, clothing, etc.). I get a "potential" buyer :rolleyes: with TONS of feedback asking for additional pictures or should I say, close up of a close up :rolleyes::rolleyes: when the auction has PLENTY to begin with. Fine. I add the pics to the auction and email them to let them know. They then proceed to ask for more pictures basically of the same stuff. I mean, honestly, at this point I am trying to restrain myself from telling them to F**K OFF because in the back of my mind I just KNOW that even after I send those, they still won't buy the item but I send those anyways only NEVER to hear back from the buyer ever again. When I say I provide plenty of pictures in my auctions, I mean it. And if the first 25 pictures weren't enough for the buyer to determain item's authenticity, what makes them think 26th picture would do it?!:wacko: OY! The joys of eB*y!:ninja:


Nov 14, 2006
i have the same thing - more more more more more pics please!!! then "thanks but it's too much for me!" - shouldn't they have known that BEFORE i sent the pics? idiots.

recently, i had someone ask for more pics, say no thanks it's too much and then when the item sold, they wanted to know for how much! WTF :nuts:


~Love My Dogs~
Mar 15, 2009
If they ask for a pic of the zipper, I would refer them to the auction pic of the zipper, if they ask for a pic of the bottom, refer them to the auction pic of the bottom, etc. etc. I'd tell them if, after looking at the pics already available, they still need more, to let me know. Some people just like to play games.