How to write a great cover letter (graduate position)?

  1. I am having a dilemma here and was wondering if any of the PF ladies/gents could help me out. It’s currently graduate application time and I need some good pointers on how to write a great cover letter. I have read a lot different websites on how to write a good cover letter but they all sound similar to one another…almost generic. I would really love to hear from you guys your personal tips. Just fyi I am majoring in accounting.

    Thanks in advance :flowers:
  2. Can't offer any constructive advice as the last cover letter I wrote was over 30 years ago but I'll bump this because there are others who will be able to help you, for sure!

    Good luck!
  3. Generic is exactly what you should avoid.
    Your cover letter should be concise. What have you done so far, and why are you applying for that particular position (mention the position you apply for)? What qualities do you possess that you think can add value to your future employer's company?
    ALL information that is relevant for you getting this position, i.e. education and experience should be in your CV (which should also be concise but understandable) and not in your cover letter.
    I read tons of CVs every day and I confess I hardly ever read the cover letters and if I do and they are of epic length, it's a turn-off. Also if there's crucial information in the cover letter that is not in the CV, that's a turn-off. If there's a glitch in the cover letter that suggests that it is a mass-mailing letter, that's also a turn-off.
  4. Thanks for bumping up the thread passerby :flowers: & thanks for the tips hello, I will take it into consideration :yes: .

    Hopefully I will get a grad job, I am so scared of not getting any offers :s