How to work ice cream machine - help please

  1. I can't find the instructions for my electric ice cream machine. It's been a few years since I used it. Can you help me?

    Unlike those really cool gelato machines, my little maker has no computer. Just an On/Off switch. It has a main section that you freeze overnight. Then you add chilled ice cream ingredients and place the paddle and motor on it. Then hit the On button.

    What comes next is what I don't remember.

    I've googled and every site I've found says "follow manufacturer's directions." Arrrrgh.

    How do I know when to turn the machine off?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I haven't used one to these machines for a few years but after the paddle has churned the ice cream for may be 20 minutes (it'll be thick but not set like ice cream), switch off the machine. Then with a rubber spatula empty the contents into a tub, put on the lid and put into the freezer to chill for may be 4 to 6 hours (I can't remember the exact time). That's what I remember.

    NB. do not overfill the main section with liquid ice cream mixture, because churning incorporates air so the mixture will increase in volume.

    Good luck and tell us how your ice cream turns out!
  3. You need to layer ice and rock salt in the barrel outside the container that holds the ice cream ingredients. Layer a 2" level of ice then sprinkle rock salt in the layer, add more ice and salt....repeat until the ice/salt mix comes just about to the top of the ice cream containing canister. Then just plug it in and let it run until it begins to slow down. When the ice cream becomes thicker, the motor slows down and the taxed sound of the machine is indicitive of the finish of the cycle. It will eventually come to a complete stop but you don't want to let it get quite there as you might burn the motor out.
    I sure hope that helps!!
  4. ^^^Yes the ice and salt is the key and don't overfill the ice cream container.