how to wear your chanel jacket...

  1. I love this look, very classy!
  2. Wearing a Chanel jacket with a vintage Chanel bag:


  3. You look totally FABULOUS !!!!! ^^
  4. Wow your jacket looks amazing! :flowers:
  5. Thank you! :smile:
  6. :bump: any new fab jackets to post ? chanel inspired top shop, zara or j.crew always gets my vote...:smile: which means plenty of cash left over for that dream holiday...
  7. Here is a photo of my Chanel jacket. Wish I had a modeling shot. I have only worn it once with black leather shorts, slouchy white t. It then became too hot! Cannot wait for fall and the opportunity to wear again!
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    that looks like a lovely 80's piece. Either early Lagerfield (cc buttons) or late pre-Karl. The quality was amazing in those pieces. I also like the sound of the way you are giving it a fresh twist with shorts and a white t. Do get some photos done - sounds fab.:graucho:
  9. Oh you must post a larger photo! This is the 11a pre fall Byzantine jacket right? My local store only had the ivory version and I've been dying to find one in black. Please post more pics?! :love::loveeyes:
  10. what do you think of this 'CHANEL' JACKET/SUIT? I SAW IT A TOPSHOP - I thought it looked great - nice sexy cut, convincing tweed and plenty of loose change from the 5K that a CHANEL original would cost these days...
  11. I'm not crazy about it. Looks a bit boxy and seems that the material is a bit stiff IMHO. I think you can find others
  12. I LOVE 'chanel' from top shop actually! and here is Fiona Bruce with the real thing. I am not at all into 'celebrities' but I rather like Fiona's style...
    photo.JPG Fiona Bruce.jpg
  13. :love:

  14. OMG - I love this thread:p So much great style.
    Is the Top Shop jacket from the new collection? I like it!
  15. i dont really like it, the fabric looks a bit cheap. looks like a 90's outfit you could find for a couple of dollars in a charity shop..getting a bit of a Clueless vibe