How to wear your Balenciaga First?


Feb 25, 2006
Hi...I have a First and it is pretty any of you wear your Firsts w/ the shoulder strap?? Does this look weird?? I am always paranoid on how to wear my bags lol....what do you think looks the best, a First in your hand or on your shoulder? Thanksss! :lol:
Great question! I am new to b-bags, so unfortunately I don't have an answer for you. But the ladies here are super friendly and helpful- I am sure they will give you lots of tips soon!
i've got a medium and a twiggy - i find that my twiggy's shoulder strap works quite well, but my medium is a bit odd, so i usually just hold it... but generally i dont think using the handles or the strap makes the bag look funny! :smile:
I actually don't have a problem with wearing this bag on the shoulder. In my opinion the first looks better worn on the shoulder than either the twiggy or the city or the box do. The strap is shorter than it is on the other styles so the bag sits pretty high up under the arm. Plus, it is a flat bag so it creates a clean line against the body when worn on the shoulder. For those times when you need your hands free or are in a hurry, I say, "throw it over the shoulder."
yea....I wear all of my bags on my shoulder...this is the first bag I have bought that is able to be carried by I'm thinking about using the shoulder strap! Thanks for all ur help so far!
I usually carry mine in the crook of my arm. If I need to carry something else, (if I'm grovery shopping, for example and need to carry a basket) I use the shoulder strap. I love the versatility of being able to carry it different ways.
I usually wear mine in the crook of my arm but I always have the shoulder strap attached so I can throw it over my shoulder when I need to. I think it looks best in the crook of your arm though.
i usually just sling in on my shoulder if im carrying the first b-bags..for bigger bags like the workbag.i'd just hold it or hang it at the crook of my arm..(just like what the other girls call it..hihi)..either way balenciagas look great..any way you carry it...:love: so