How to wear this dress

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  1. I purchased this Karl Lagerfeld dress last night:



    And, I'm torn as to how to wear it. I'm a pretty modest person in the way I dress - always buttoned up and covered, so this dress is a huge stretch for me, but I loved it the moment I put it on. Plus, I'm trying to be less button-up, but slowly and in a classy way. I know that there is a huge anti-legging brigade out there, but I wanted to see how people felt if I paired this dress with black leggings and some black flats (maybe a t-shirt if it's cold)? Is it too boho, romper-room, mall-rat, or simply over? The dress is sheer and airy, so I feel like I need some sort of underpining, and I'm no way near the size of the model (I'm 5'3") or as confident to wear it like the pictures. Thanks!
  2. My suggestion would be, since your a little on the shy side, Wear it as a top, with a sheer body suit underneath the dress. & wear the dress over a flared pair of beige or black pants.

    The dress is beautiful by the way, you have great taste.
  3. Lovely dress, congratulations! You could always wear it as a top, with jeans and flats, or with, say, linen shorts for a dressier look. I would personally not wear only leggings, maybe leggings + denimshorts for a casual look. I'm sure you will find a very nice way to combine your dress and to wear it your way, just as confidently as the model!
  4. Gorgeous dress! very vintagey and classic looking. I would wear it with black leggings or maybe skinny jeans and flats. I think it would also look good with tall boots in suede maybe. Or you can wear it with both jeans and boots.
  5. oooh Suli i was thinking of getting that dress but haven't been to a store in awhile......did u get urs at bergdorfs or neimans? does it fit?
  6. I got the dress last night at my local Neiman's. I purchased it in a size 4 (smallest size left) and although big at top (no boobies), I think it's okay since it looks like it's meant to be worn loose. I did ask the SA to transfer a size 2, so when that comes in, I'm going to compare it. I think it's very true to size.

    And, thanks for the suggestions so far. I am going to try playing around for a bit since it's too cold to wear now.
  7. What a beautiful dress!!:love:
    IMO - If you want to cover up....i'd say go for skinny jeans and light coloured pumps...i reckon this would look stunning in the summer months with a pair of white sequin flats and maybe a little light shrug/cape just to cover your shoulders.
  8. Pretty! I love the boots idea. But I bet if you wear it once with strappies, you'll get so many compliments you'll never go back!;)
  9. Pair it with skinny jeans and cute shoes.

    I :love: leggings, but only when paired with denim mini skirts, and only on certain people.

    OR! you could be breave and just wear it! Cute little flat, dressy, sandels would look so very hot with it. :smile:
  10. Suli, the dress is gorgeous! What a nice buy!

    I was also going to suggest wearing it as a top, it'll be cute with jeans and black heels! I think leggings would be cute as well but instead of a t-shirt over it, how about a shawl (or would that be too formal?).

    Anyways, I think it'll be cute on you however you wear it!
  11. I would wear it with a military cropped jacket in a chocolate color (open), with some staked wedge sandals.
  12. Here are some pics of me wearing the dress...with some options

    Attached Files:

  13. My dear!!! You can so pull that off with out anything on the bottom! Maybe with a black tank under (like a strappy cami)...ITS GORGEOUS. Great buy! HOORAH! (god I sound like a cheer leader)

    Its cute with the leggings as well...but in the those legs chicky!
  14. You look fab it in. I like the first picture the best. If it's cold or chilly, I would take a cute little cardigan and wear it ontop of it unbuttoned.
  15. I like the first way better. Maybe you can try it with a strappy tank like Sunshine suggested! But definitely show those legs!!