How to wear these?

  1. I've had these for a few months now (the ones in my vatar) but I've only worn it once because it is SO BEAUTIFUL :heart: that my clothes are not worthy to match. Seriously, that is my dilemma :push:. I just stare at it but I don't know what to match it with! Also, because I usually don't like to be too flashy and I don't know how to wear these with my lame clothes without the patent leather POPPING like crazy. Suggestions?
  2. Those shoes would coordinate with a LOT of outfits. They could easily go with black dress pants or dark wash jeans. They would go equally well with a winter dress, a business suit or a pencil skirt.

    I don't think they necessarily require fancy or formal clothing, but I would pair a nice sweater, a crisp white shirt or a cute jacket with the pants. Patent goes with almost anything in the fall/winter, so don't be afraid to mix up some outfits and wear them more!
  3. I have a pair of candy apple red patent pumps that I LOVE, but I understand your dilema! I've found that it's best to wear neutral colors to make sure the shoes are the star of the outfit. The last time I wore mine, I wore jeans and a cute slouchy grey sweater.
    I'm sure you will get tons of compliments on them!