How to wear these boots

  1. i've got myself a pair of boots just like lindsays but im not sure of how to wear them.
  2. I think you could wear them like her with a little skirt and stockings or tights..or even fishnets for something more edgy...or skinny jeans :smile:
  3. I have those and I wear them with jeans, leggings and dresses. I think they are cute with EVERYTHING!
  4. really cute length, i agree wear them with everything especially dresses that are a little on the shorter side
  5. Wear them with leggings! So cute!
  6. definitely leggings. or like a short cute dress like she's doing. i love short boots with a cute dress.
  7. i would wear them with socks that are jsut below the knee so they peep out from the top of the boot and a skirt : )
  8. Leggings or a cute skirt.
  9. leggings, skinny jeans and skirts/dress!wow what a great buy!
  10. i'd go with leggings or skinny jeans
  11. I agree with the above, so many ways, very cute!
  12. these would look so cute with skinny jeans.
  13. don't like em at all - sorry
  14. what brand are those boots?
  15. tight skinny jeans with a with a turtle neck will make you look super duper tall and lean!!