How to wear the Isolde

  1. Oh yeah, don't forget to change your siggy;)
  2. I vote for black leather or black liquid leggings, a white slouchy tee and maybe a colored cropped blazer.

    I also agree with EssBee a pale pink dress with a cropped black leather jacket over it would look amaze with these.
  3. wow just wow :faint: :drool: congrats on these.
  4. i have the nude/rose gold specchio and so far have worn them out with a blue HL dress, some Hermes bracelets (CDC, Rivale and Medor) and AMQ clutch

    i agree with everyone here that skinny black leggings/leather pants or simple dress in a solid color would be your best bet! :tup: (any color really would go well with black depending on the look you are going for)
  5. Obviously you would have to work in an environment where such shoes wouldn't cause a heart attack (fashion/press/etc)!
    If someone can point me in the direction of a stock photo for them, I would love to create a Polyvore set!
  6. Ok not entirely sure of what to wear still, mainly because I don't own many trousers other than jeans and it's still very cold here!

    Plain black dress and tights.
    Never really been that into peep toes and tights but I don't think it looks that bad.

  7. Perfection.
  8. gorgeous! I'm loving this look! :cool:;)
  9. :love: GREAT!!!
  10. You look amazing! :graucho:
  11. Your outfit is great!
    Keep em coming!!
  12. :ps: :tup:
  13. Ooh I'm gunna go against the grain and say I love the all black but I'd go for a dress without the lace as I think with the shoes it's a bit busy? But I'm very minimalist so don't mind me! You still look great.
  14. Fabulous! The tights dont hurt the outfit at all!