How to wear the Isolde

  1. Hello ladies,

    was just wondering if anyone has any ideas or modelling pics of how to wear the new isoldes?

    I've got them in black and don't really know what to wear with them.

    Help is greatly appreciated!
  2. can we see modeling pics please??
  3. I would :heart: to see photos of the black Isoldes...
    My first thought would be to keep the rest of the outfit relatively simple, but I realize that's pretty vague.
  4. Can you please post mod pics of them in black? im dying to see good mod pics of them
  5. i legit can only imagine it with skinny leather leggings and a looser top or a short dress. the shoes are such a statement everything else must be very minimalistic
  6. Skinny jeans basic t shirt fitted blazer is how I'd wear them- plain block and neutral colours to let the shoes make the statement :smile:
  7. image-1345050341.jpg


    Sorry pictures are not that great! Really hard to get a good shot!
  8. THIS IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: I'm drooling all over my desk at work! :drool:
    Holly molly!! HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!

    back to topic:

    I'd wear them to a simple black dress like this one:

    The isolde should be the outfit's statement!!! So you shouldn't wear jewerlry with too much bling bling. keep everything else SIMPLE!!!!!

    and now I'd like to see some outfits haha :lol:
  9. those are fierce and hot!!! :woot: BIG CONGRATS! the spikes look scary!

    are they made from metal? or are they plastic tipped with the silver cap on?
  10. Maybe they would look good with some cropped leather pants...
  11. I love both colours but thought the black would be a bit easier to match with outfits :biggrin:
  12. I'm going to have a play around with some outfits tonight :biggrin:
  13. First of all Congrats!! They look amazing on you....Can't wait to see your outfits!!
    I agree with everyone here. Black leather leggings, Cropped Leather pants, even black leather shorts or a basic black dress .
    I mean play with your outfits... maybe some shade of gray can work as well, since is neutral.
  14. ooohhhh mama those are gorg!
    Please post up some outfits!
    I think you could possibly get away with anything because everyone would be too busy looking at your hot Isoldes!