How to wear the classic chain belt?

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  1. Hi everyone. I was wondering if any of the ladies who own the classic all chain belt with the cc's that hang down would be willing to post some modeling pictures? I tried to do a search, but I wasn't able to find any.

    I can see how the belt would look really good with a classic dress, but I'm having trouble picturing it with a jeans/pants more casual look which is how I would want wear it. Thank you all for your help. My creativity has apparently gone on vacation.
  2. What's the colour of your classic belt? The design itself is kind of simple so you need to go for a simple look if you want the belt to shine, otherwise no one will see the belt!!!

    And to be very very honest with you? The classic chain belt works better with work clothes than casual wear, IMHO.
  3. I actually haven't purchased it yet. I wanted to get some opinions first. The one I was looking at is an all silver chain with three black CC's. I'm just not sure if I would use it enough.

    Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.
  4. I have that chain belt! I use it for work, well, mostly. The white one however may work better with casual clothes. There are other simple chain belts. Is there a Chanel boutique near you that you can go and have a look at the style? That might help.
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    Sorry I don't have any pic to post. I have the white one and it does work better with casual outfits tho...
  6. I don't think the chain belts work best with any particular type of dress (i.e. casual, work, dressy, etc.), it just really depends on the outfit. :smile: I have that classic belt (3 logos) in gold/fuschia enamel, and I've worn it with dressy casual outfits. I like it as a necklace too! The color makes it a fun statement piece, and I'm not sure it would work for work haha (bright fuschia + work = :hrmm:). :P I'm sorry I don't have pics though! My favorite belt is my Icons belt (tons of pretty pearls) and that one I wear as a necklace! :love: I'm sure you'll look great no matter how you wear it! :smile:
  7. I just got some belts and I only see myself wearing them with jeans.
    I like the idea, that the belts can be worn as necklaces-fun twist.

    Is this the belt you are speaking of?

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  8. Yes Purrrfect, that's the belt I was looking at! I'm just not sure if you would wear the belt like a regular belt through the belt loops on your jeans with a tucked in shirt or if it would look better over a t-shirt/plain blouse belted at the waist or a bit lower. KWIM? I'm sorry to sound like such a dork, but how are you planning on using your belts?

    Honestly, I'm kind of embarrassed to go to Saks and try it in front of people so I was looking for other's opinions. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to respond!
  9. Don't be silly. I was in the middle of Chanel in Bev Hills asking my SA - all kind of questions about wearing it. She showed me different ways - belt vs. necklace. Doubling up for choker style of necklace etc.

    I do not put it through the belt loops I wear it on the hips or lower, with the dangle to the side of course...don't like the dangle working around to my crotch, if you know what I mean. I wear my shirts out with the belt on.

    If I was wearing a dressier look then I could see a silk blouse tucked-in nice slacks with a Chanel belt....but the belt in my opinion would be fancier than this one.

    Hope this helps.:smile:
  10. Thanks Purrrfect! Your response really helps me to get a better visual. :flowers:

    I was at Saks Beverly Hills yesterday and the SA tried to convince me I really needed the belt, but she didn't offer up any ways to wear it or anything. Thanks again.