How to wear Suhali Lock It with casual clothes ?

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  1. I really love my blue lock it but sometimes I think it is too formal to wear with my jeans.

    What do you guys think ?

    Do you use the lock it with jeans or do you generally use it with more formal outfit ?

    I dont use it as much just because I normally dressed casually.

    I would love to use it more though ...

    Please give me ideas ! Modelling pics will be highly appreciated !
  2. I have a white lockit and always wear it on a casual basis
    it is too hot here to wear jeans...but I wear mine with shorts, dresses
    and skirts. I think the blue is a great colour to wear with casual outfits:smile:
  3. Im thinking you can wear it with jeans as long as you keep your tops "calm" - say, no florals patterns or crazy colours. Just keep it neutral - a nice black/white/grey top will do just fine, and make the bag the focal point instead of all seperates batteling for attention...
  4. I have the black Lockit and I usually wear her with dark-colored jeans. IMHO, the blue is not as formal as the black so you should be able to wear yours with jeans. You can post modelling pics of what outfit you want to wear with the Lockit and maybe we can comment on them. :smile:
  5. i have a lock it in verone mm...sometimes i wear it with jeans and a plain v neck shirt and flip flops when i'm going out..i love combining something structured/formal with something so casual.. :smile: but that's just me ;p
  6. I think the blue is on of the most gorgeous colors the lockit came in! It looks great with jeans. A simple white shirt and some nice jewelery with a hint of blue in it and you look like a million casual bucks!
  7. The Lockit is definitely not too formal to be worn with a nice pair of jeans and crisp blouse of tee.
  8. I totally agree, I actually see the lockit as a more casual bag. Rock it with any of your basics, thow on some hot shades and you're good to go! ;)
  9. If you wear a cute scarf it will dress up the jeans enough:biggrin:
  10. I have the blue Suhali Lockit as well and I especially like to wear it with jeans. That´s a perfect match IMO :smile:
  11. I have a white Lockit it and wear it with casual clothes all the time!
  12. I wear all my bags with casual clothes LOL. I don't have a lock it, but if I did it would go causual too. I buy what I love and wardrobe comes second.
  13. Jeans and a white buttoned blouse, some nice flats...
  14. I think the lockit is the most casual of the Suhali (best looking too!), just enjoy it!
  15. Just wear it!!!!