How to wear silver sneakers?

  1. There is a pair of silver sneakers that I really, really like. However, how does one wear them? Everything I picture them with brings up bad flashbacks of '80's-style outfits with neon or flight pants! :push:

    Any suggestions, or are they one of those things that is cute on the rack, but just plain bad in real life?
  2. Any pictures?
  3. Keep your outfit as simple as possible. All black maybe? (Or if you prefer another colour instead)

    I don't own a pair myself, but I would love to!

    The shoes are bound to be a bit "blingy" though, so "dress down" otherwise, and I am sure you'll look great!
  4. i have a pair and i absolutly LOVE them! i tend to wear them with just jeans and a black shirt or white shirt.... something really simple! :smile: if i wanna funk it up a bit ill wear silver drop earrings and a little but of silver in my eyeshadow and a bangle or two

    its cute...i say go for it!
  5. I think they would look great with a Juicy Couture sweat suit or any sweat suit for that matter. They probably would look great with jeans too.
  6. With a monochromatic outfit...keep it simple, and add a bit of silver jewlery for a kick if you like.