How to wear sandal wedges with socks/tights?

  1. With the fall season arriving I've been seeing more and more people wearing wedge sandals with socks and tights. What's the best way to wear this look? I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard. TIA!
  2. IMO, Don' I would just buy similiar shoes, with closed toe, no straps.
  3. ITA! Except I already have these fabulous Chloe wedges and they're open-toed. So I want to keep wearing them but it's getting very cold out so I want to try the tights/sandals look. But I want to do it right!
  4. in my world open toes and hosiery never look good but if you want to do it anyway i would do it with completely matte and opaque black tights
  5. agreed, black opaque tights are the easiest way to do it. you could also do a colour that contrasts with the shoe but you really have to have the style to carry it off, otherwise it'll just look silly. definitely don't wear flesh coloured tights with open toes though, that'll just look like you're making a hideous fashion faux pas rather than are intentionally going for a look.
  6. I say you should try tights that match your shoes, but are a shade darker or a shade lighter. Wear with cute solid-color or simple patterned minidress. With that look you run the risk of "trying to hard" if you wear too many colors, patterns, or pieces
  7. I think ot totally depends on your style. I've seen lots of examples in mags where they wear funky tights - but you have to be pretty cool to pull this off ;) I think black pantyhose look aweful anytime so I wouldn't suggest that. I think if you are going to do it - make it obvious that yuou meant to go woth this look - get ribbed tights or something. KWIM? So it doesn't look like you are just trying to keep warm and you forgot to take off your tights when you got inside - but that you are going for a look and a style =)
  8. ^^ ITA. Opaque and/or ribbed tights no matter what you choose! Post pics if you can...would love to see those chloe's!