How to wear my scarf?

  1. I just received my first Hermes scarf as a gift (An orange Alphabet Russe) and would love advice on how to wear it. Particularly your favorite ways to wear yours. I love scarves. But, as an accessory with clothes, I never know quite how to wear them or tie them. Any advice would be terrific! Thanks!
  2. Thanks Kallie Girl! I can't wait to get in front of the mirror and start practicing!
  3. Lily j. Welcome! Congrats on your first scarf, it´s a slippery slope from there!
  4. Also, try
  5. Congats and Welcome on your first scarf lily j.
    Agree with all the others, you will find a wealth of information in the above suggestions.
  6. Welcome and congrats!

    You'll also find uploaded instructions here: CLICK
  7. All Great Threads & Of Course Rose, Too!!!!! Welcome Lily J.!!!!!!

    ***Nola ~ Your New Avatar Is Gorgeous!!!
  8. Thanks for being so nice! I will get to work. If I can figure out how to get a pic. on this forum, I will post the scarf, too. (That may be more difficult for me than the scarf!)
  9. you chould try wearing it as a halter top when the weather gets warmer. pair it with a jacket on the outside. supre cute!
  10. Okay, I feel ridiculous asking this, but is there anywhere on tPF that will walk me through posting a pic. ?
  11. Look at sammyjoe's thread further down this page It's my turn but how do I post pics. Someone posted the link to TPF instructions. also someone posted a free website that will let you resize your pictures larger. I had never posted pics before so it took me some time to figure it out. If you get stuck post again, and someone will help further! Good Luck