how to wear my new boots

  1. I just bought a pair of metallic boots. i got them at payless (sadly it's really the best shoe store in my area!!! ahhhh!!!!), so they're kinda cheep, but that's not the problem. I don't know how to wear them!!!! I live in Ashland, OR, which is very much a hippy town, so i don't want to go around like "look at my shinny new boots" literally! i want to tone them down, but still show them off. how do i do that?
    here's a pic:
  2. Well I think they are really cute! You could dress them down with a pair of skinny jeans and a casual sweater or something...
  3. or you could wear them under jeans so the fabulousness is there but contained
  4. where them with jeans and a simple tee
  5. as a stylist to my friends and family..and a fashion obsessed, those boots will look great with this season's volumous black/light coloured dress, layered OVER a cashmere sweater,cinched at the waist with a thick belt (Fendi B. belt or YSL) a great bag(Fendi B. Bag), some gorgeous bangles (inclusion range by LV). result? instant glamour.
  6. I wish we had a payless here!
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