How to wear Miroir?

  1. Hi all,
    Since I just got my Miroir Lockit, which I am utterly fascinated with, I'm kind of it something I can wear daily or not? Does it belong in the workplace or only outside of work? All these questions going through my head right now...can you help a Miroir newb? :confused1:
    :heart: Mich
  2. i think these questions were what made me decide NOT to get the silver Papillon in the end :p. i wouldn't use it as an everyday bag for fear of getting it scratched or scuffed, and i think it would look best with black or white clothes. wear solid colors and let the bag stand out. i think it's a little too flashy or trendy for work though :yes:
  3. Definitely too flashy for work. But I thoroughly enjoyed flashing it over the 2 day weekend, lol. Day 1: beige long pants with white top. Day 2: Khaki ecru bermuda shorts with white top and pink cardigan :p
  4. I agree with Sandra that it's too flashy for work but I think it really depends where you work. If you are in the fashion business then I say it's ok but otherwise definitely for the weekends and nights. Definitely keep your wardrobe low-key....just like the modeling pics you took-perfect! Congrats again! :smile:
  5. I was thinking the same thing ... I love the miroir lockit but I really wouldn't know what to wear with it or where to wear it to? I so want to buy one but it would probably just sit in my closet:sad: Good news for my wallet though!
  6. thank you for your feedback. i wear a LOT of black, and lots of solids so i think miroir would look ok...but the work thing...grrr! heh, i AM a designer though. aren't designers supposed to be know...what's the word i'm looking for... :biggrin:
  7. Oooh... hmmmm....

    well first night in bed: BIRTHDAY SUIT!!!! LOL!

    Next day: everything goes well with a black power suit lol (black blazer and black dress pants, with a beige/light/pink floral blouse or TURQUOISE silk blouse....)

    at night now: lil black dress with silver heels

    ... oh god, I have everything planned out, well at least for ME! lol but in the end, almost anytihng'll work, you're such pretty girl!
  8. Wear it daily! Get your moneys worth! :tup:
  9. I think it would be too flashy for work.

    I think it would look with most color. I can see it looking great with blue, pink, purple, brown, white, black and even orange. The only color I cannot picture it with is grey.
  10. this sounds weird, but i'll wear it everywhere w/ anything. i took it out tonight to IHOP for dinner and wore juicy velour pants and black hoody, lol.
  11. The Miroir bags might be a bit much for the corporate world, especially in the high tech industry. I've never brought my silver speedy in to work with me as my Director and senior management staff are a bit older than I am and also tend to be more on the conservative side.

    However, on the weekends its quite a different story for me :p I usually wear a pair of the darker rinse denim jeans, crisp white button down shirt, black crop leather jacket, and a pair of black pointy toed heels with the silver speedy. For the gold lockit, I'll probably wear more of the beige, brown, and neutral colors in order to complement the bag.
  12. interesting thoughts. yes, i am in a corporate environment too. but my department/floor is pretty much marketing folks and my boss is very laid back. hell, she took me to a brewery my first day (minus the beer:biggrin:). think it's ok?
  13. I wear my gold pap everyday.. I love the looks it gets. And if someone cuts me off in traffic I can blind them!!
  14. i say show off your designer side and bring your bling to work. why not? you deserve to wear it wherever you go.

  15. If your boss is very laid back, then I say go for it. I'm thinking of getting back to my Marketing roots and leaving the world of Finance. I'd be working for a an ex- senior manager of mine who is very fashion oriented; always dressed to impress with impeccable taste in clothing and accessories. When we worked together, he was always checking out my LVs and we'd discuss his recent designer purchases. The funny thing is that I never dared to ask him if he purchased LVs or other designer hand bags, shoes, or accessories for his wife :angel: