How to wear heels with jeans?


Aug 25, 2006
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I've always wondered this, how do you wear heels with a pair of jeans... my jeans end up covering the shoe or because the jeans are straight leg or boot cut they end up looking silly with heels, they look too wide on the bottom... I can't wear skinny jeans cause my thighs are way too big.

So what do you do? I primarily wear jeans (i'm a college student) I'm not skinny by any means, I'm full figured haha but I don't know what to wear with heels so that it doesn't look weird? Skirts and dresses I can do with heels but jeans just make me nuts hahaha... or even a trouser... Any type of pic of heels with jeans would help lol :yes:


Nov 9, 2007
I would suggest sticking with a straight or skinny leg, just not one that is too tight (trust me, there are skinnier jeans for shapely women! I'm not so small myself:smile:). If your straight legs are too long, have them altered so that they fall just where you would like them with your shoes. If you don't want to forever alter your jeans, try cuffing them! Also, a boot leg (one that isn't too wide) can look good with the right heels, but you have to experiment. Hope that helps!


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I split my time between dresses and jeans, but I *always* wear heels.

It's trial and error. For a fool-proof jeans & heels combo, pick up a pair of trouser-cut jeans. You'd be hard pressed to find heels that DON'T work with a trouser-cut jean.

I think pretty much any cut jean would look fine with heels -- skinny (which I don't do either), bootcut, wide-leg, straight-leg, whatever. I think the main thing is that the length is right.

It also helps, though, if it's a dark-rinse jean. For the younger set among us, light colored skinny jeans with a bright pointy-toed heel looks great -- edgy and young. But I, for one, can't pull that look off. I stick with dark-rinse jeans, as it makes the jeans look less casual, which makes it more in keeping with the look of heels.


Aug 26, 2007
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Well since most jeans these days are extra long, heels are a great way to prevent them from dragging. I recommend a light flare in the jeans or the straight leg.

and since you have bigger thighs, heels are a must. as flats and low heels will have you looking stocky.

I have thighs as well so Long jeans and Heels make my legs look longer, and im assuming thats the look your going for


Jan 6, 2007
I usually wear heels with my jeans, its a great way to look causal but dress up. I also recomend you look for darker jeans or trouser jeans to use with heels.
Jun 26, 2007
Your jeans just have to be the right length and right amount of flare. Next time you buy jeans, wear a pair of heels and see how they look. For me, any kind of jean that is advertised as "flare" is just too big on me and my frame. I stick with boot-cut jeans and they look perfect with my heels. Sometimes, I'll have to get the jeans hemmed.

If your boot cuts look to wide on the bottom when you are wearing heels its probably becuase your jeans are too short to wear with that type of heel. Either wear a pair of jeans that are longer or a pair of shoes with a shorter heel.


May 7, 2006
Me too!!!

Question for the pros...when you are wearing heels, where should the bottom of the hem fall to?

When I have my jeans hemmed I usually have them taken up to what I would need when wearing 2" heels.

Sometimes I see gals with jeans covering everything but the very tip of the jean....other times I see it where the jeans fall just to the top part of the shoe (the very top back part) I'm not sure what is right!


Jan 9, 2007
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i alwaysss wear heels with jeans too... i tend to get my jeans hemmed so the the heel shows just a bit although a few of my jeans cover the heel entirely... either look is cute but make sure your jeans aren't too short for the heel!


Oct 20, 2006
Question for the pros...when you are wearing heels, where should the bottom of the hem fall to?
I like to have about 1/2" - 3/4" gap between the hem on my jeans and the floor (depending on the heels). That way, my shoes can be seen and my jeans do not drag on the ground


Jan 6, 2007
Experiment! to me, some shoes look good while the jean is covering most of the shoe, and some just don't go!!:okay: figure out which shoes go with which jean styles and lengths... this may be just me but I love trying on diff shoes with jeans and see which one looks nice LOL
Jul 31, 2007
Two looks I like:

Skinny jeans that hit around the ankle w/stilleto type pumps.
Wide leg jeans w/a chunkier pump/wedge.