How to wear d'orsays?

  1. I love these shoes but always end up going for closed pumps, because I simply can not wear them! :crybaby: I must have weird heels though, because even back heel straps slip off if they don't go around my ankle. My options are so limited!

    Is there some kind of trick to buying wearing these shoes? Heel grips lining the inside of the shoe? Going down a size?
  2. I have just bought my first pair and they are louboutins. I did notice that they have an elastic across the heel to help keep in place, which is a very nice feature, but I doubt you would find it on lesser brands, unfortunately. I don't know if maybe you could go down 1/2 a size in d'orsays and/or get some foot petals pads to put on the heel and that might help with the slippage.
  3. footprals makes a thin strip for back of heel
  4. There are thin strips you can get to put along the inside of the back of the shoe. Also, going down a size or half size helps too. A lot of d'orsays do have the elastic (even cheaper styles) on the back too which does help.
  5. nice