How to wear bracelet?

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  1. I can’t seem to find much info on this style, and don’t know how one can wear it... Clearly it’s wrap around, but how does it stay on? Tied together? Is there a way of knotting it at the end? TIA!

  2. probably it has magnets inside the silver tips?
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  3. mine is a necklace, but closure looks very similar
    i insert the slim end into the wide one and twist it by 45 deg
    and it holds very firm and does not get undone

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  4. That makes sense! Might be difficult to put on using one hand...

    Thanks, K!!!
  5. that's what i thought, too
    but, maybe you can get it locked and then put on?? if it's loose enought to put one one loop, and then another??
    anytime, Dear!
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  6. So I actually emailed the seller because I was quite interested, but it turns out the metal ends don’t attach to each other. I asked how to wear the bracelets and the response was just to tie them together. It sounds kind of bulky that way. I wonder if these are even bracelets to begin with? Maybe belts?
  7. oh, well, then it, possibly, will be sticking out and wear out much earlier :confused1:
    is the length mention in the description?
  8. No, and I didn’t even think to ask
  9. :lol:
    if you do, we might have a better idea of WHAT it is ;)
  10. I sent a message, curious to find out what these are!
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