how to wear ankleboots

  1. sounds like a really silly question but how do i match these ankleboots?

    i like them with skinny jeans but i dont know if they look cute under a dress/long shirt
    can you please advise me on my shoes and maybe even give me some pictures

  2. Cute boots! What brand?

    Definitely cute with skinnies, with the jeans kind of scrunched on top of the boots so you can tell they are ankle boots.

    Also cute with trapeze or babydoll dresses and tights.
  3. Something to note about ankle boots:
    Unlike normal boots, ankle boots cut the leg. That is, they may legs seem shorter and squatter. If you're really thin or have really long legs for your height, clearly this isn't a problem. But if you have legs like me, ankle boots should stay under pant legs, because they will make your legs look like cocktail weiners.
  4. Sigh, ^me too^. Although, I recently read that if your legs are on the thick side, you should choose ankle boots with a front center split, like these, to lengthen the leg:
  5. I love ankle boots, wear tights to lengthen the look.
  6. thank you =) theyre nine west