How to wear a VERY large amethyst?


Jan 2, 2010
I'm planning on custom-ing a 40-carat pink amethyst/rose gold pendant. The trouble is, what kind of design should I get? What cut? Any advice from you lovely ladies would be very appreciated. If you've ever seen something similar, or a design that you think would look good, pictures would be fantastic. Or a sketch, even!
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Oct 6, 2007
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I would suggest a briolette or cabochon shape amethyst with a long chain around 26 to 30 inches. I dont have any design sketches but I think those two cuts are gorgeous for large gemstone necklaces.


Feb 3, 2007
I have a large Ametrine in a pear shape, almost 37ct. The thing to be aware of with such large stones is the depth. My stone is very deep and in order for the stone to sit properly, the basket needed to be tall. I also prefer simple settings so the stone is the center of attention.

Typically the cutter will be able tell you what the optimal cut is for the rough being used. I would rather the rough be cut for optimal colour/dispersion/clarity vs shape.

This shot does not show the sparkle from the checkerboard cutting, but it shows the color zoning and the height of the setting.