How to wear a tapioca bag

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  1. Hi All,

    Just got my tapioca susanah bag from an eBay purchase.

    Nice lush yellowish color ... but I am not sure what to wear it with, besides black or brown.

    So, I am very curious. How do you ladies wear your tapioca bags? what colors look good with them?

  2. I used to have a tapioca blake and I actually never thought that much to color coordinate with my clothes but I think it looks good with any color cause the color is very soft. I liked to wear it with my blue dress. I think any dark color will bring out the yellow tone more. It's totally versatile color!
  3. ^^I wore mine with blue all the time! It looks great together. The day I got engaged, I wore a dark blue wrap dress with my tapioca venetia. It looked so good in the pics! I think that this purse would look good with many different colors. It is pretty neutral.
  4. Thanks so much. I was a little concerned as the color seemed a little too much for me. Blue seems like a great great option. Thanks!!!
  5. it would look sharp with navy blue
  6. looks cute with white t shirt and jeans.

    or gray!
  7. I have a tapioca Susannah and I wear it with any color, I don't really care much about coordinating.

    On another note, I wear my Susnnah on the first hole on each side of the strap--so that it is the shortest. I attached a pic of me wearing my other Susannah (I think the color is called Acorn-can't remember right now).
    Susannah front view.jpg
  8. Thanks for the pic!! it looks great. I was thinking about wearing it with grey so I got myself today a nice blouse that matches the color of the bag pretty well as it has grey and offwhite stripes. With jeans looks great.

    Thanks for all your suggestions. If you have more, just let me know. Believe me, I am taking notes.

    have a great weekend!!:yes: