How to wear a stole??!!

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  1. Curiousity rules...and I didn't want this to get lost in the scarf thread...I'm wondering those of you who have the do you wear? Would you either show pics or explain? I'm not sure I can pull one off....and since they are double the regular scarf cost, thought I would pose the question....thanks for any input!:tup:
  2. Is the stole the same thing as the shawl?

    If the stole is the long rectangle.....then do NOT........I NOT wear it a la Isadora Duncan while riding in a convertable.
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Excellent advice for everyone!
  4. why don't I know what you're talking about??!!!
  5. ^^ Duncan's stole got caught around the wheel of the convertible she was in and it killed her.... very messy!!!!
  6. Yes - a very unfortunate incident.
  7. I'm not sure if this is the advice shoes was looking for.....:wtf: :nogood:

    I would love to hear ideas, too, as I have one stole and one on the way and I only know how to 1) wrap it around the neck and wear the tails down the front or the back, or 2) do the "weave", (the Tods knot, shown below on gorgeous Rose) or 3) fold it and put both ends through the loop to hang down in front similar to a twill.

    There must be some other ways, tho...?

  8. Here is a pic of me wearing my toile stole.

  9. That is so gorgeous, ROSE. You look smashing..................
  10. They are beautiful - thanks! So can you or do you also wear by wrapping it more around the neck like a regular scarf as well?
  11. Absolutely!