How to wear a shirt dress to a Birthday dinner?

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  1. Can anyone tell me the best way to wear a shirt dress to a friend's birthday dinner?
    Would it be a good idea to carry a Louis Vuitton Multicolore Speedy 30 with it?

    The shirt dress I have is from Splendid...and looks alittle like the White one on the right:


    THANKS SO MUCH for your help~:yahoo::nuts:
  2. Are you going to a more casual restaurant? If you are not going to a casual restaurant, then you might want to reconsider your outfit. If you are going to a casual restaurant maybe wear it like the model except wear a cute pair of sandals or wedges instead. I think if the restaurant is casual you can wear the multicolor speedy as long as you keep the rest of your outfit simple. You definitely don't want your bag fighting your outfit for attention.
  3. Hello, and thanks so much for the reply~! Actually it is very casual as one can's Minado~! (a Japanese seafood buffet). After wards we maybe going to Dave & Buster' you can see what I mean by casual...thanks for the suggestion~!

    How about golden gladiator sandals to match the golden hardware of the speedy? Should I wear some gold toned jewlery as well? THanks so much!
  4. I think the gold tone sandals will be okay to match the speedy. I think I would go light on the jewelry. Meaning I would wear the dress (if it is white) with black leggins (or whatever leggins that match the dress), and the gold gladiators. I would probably just wear a nice pair of gold tone earrings and the multicolor speedy. This way it is minimal on the accessories and your outfit is still simple. Also, the LV would be the main focus point because it is very colorful.
  5. I would deffinantly wear leggings with it! Other than that, pick gold or silver to go with it, and acessorize that way :smile:
  6. I agree with the leggings. As cute as shirt dresses are, to the untrained eye it will look like you forgot your pants :smile:
  7. Edit: Full length leggings though...I just don't like the "shorter" versions :smile:
    Have fun!
  8. Or maybe do a belt & no leggings if the weather's warm enough where you are? I'm not a fan of leggings in general and you could show abit of leg ;)
  9. If you can find a pair of the denim leggings I think it would look really good with the shirtdress.
  10. Hmm I would say...perhaps leggings and a gold belt =)
  11. I would definitely wear leggings, as in the photo above the shirt "dress" looks more like a nighshirt or like she forgot to put on pants. I like the idea of gladiator sandals with it.
  12. I've never seen a shirt dress that short before. It definitely looks like she forgot her pants. I'd wear something under it, like leggings or shorts so I don't have a wardrobe malfunction.
  13. I agree that you should wear something under it. It would be too short without the leggings or just look like you forgot pants! I would wear it with the leggings and gladiator sandals, and you can accessorize with gold.
  14. Go with leggings.
  15. I would wear something underneath it especially if you want to play games at Dave & Busters!