How to wear a red belt

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  1. A couple of months ago, I purchased a tomato red belt that's about 1.5 inches wide, made of structured leather. I haven't figured out how to wear it yet. Any ideas????
  2. You can wear it around a cardi, w/jeans, around a winter coat, etc...
  3. omg so many options!!! try dark rinse jeans, white T and red flats (matching red or any red!! even yellow or ANY OTHER color will do!!)

    u can also have a gray boyfriend cardigan and would be such a cute casual chic outfit!
  4. The belt is too thick to fit in jean belt loops. I love the idea of pairing it with dark wash jeans and long gray top or cardigan. I generally like to stick to neutral color palletes so this purchase was sorta "out-there" for me.
  5. i loved this look! it make a conservative suit still professional and more interesting ;)


    or maybe with a dress?


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  6. I just had a professional put together an outfit for me. It was leggings (almost like a dark jean color not quite black), a long black and white top with a thick red belt to make it pop.

    I think you can add a red belt as an accent color to almost anything. (except maybe orange!)

    Good luck
  7. I have a red belt and it is so much fun to work it into my wardrobe! Red normally does not look good on me, so I use accessories and have one red LV belt. I wear it with jeans, different colors of dresses and those two pictures above is a perfect example.
  8. I've worn a red patent belt with a LWD (lil white dress)/LBD. I think it would look fabulous with a dark wash pair of jeans (something like J Brand Ink - no distressing) or black, a medium grey tunic and some great bangles. I love red accents in a black/white outfit. A red patent belt can also add a nice pop to a black/white dress. Red patent also looks fabulous with navy... you could do blue jeans, a navy tunic and the red belt (I'd go for camel shoes in this case). I've also worn mine with a neutral brown dress (hard to describe the color), a beige bag with gold h/w and leopard peep-toes! Anyway, you have a LOT of options!! :smile:
  9. Awesome suggestions. Fieryfashionist, I would have never thought of wearing a red belt with browns, beiges, and gold accents! Thank you all for the fab pictures and suggestions!! :smile:
  10. ^I think it works well with that color palette too... it's a nice change from the black/white/grey/navy ideas (that will look fabulous too)! :smile:

    I think I may have a crappy picture somewhere... here it is!
  11. fieryfashionist : i love the red belt and leopard print shoes together!

    I also think it would be a nice addition to a black and white outfit..I've always loved that color combo
  12. fieryfashionist, awesome pic... nice bag!