How to wear a madeline?

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  1. I'm looking at a medium signature madeline. Is this mostly a "tote on your shoulder" bag? or is it kind of a "dangles from the nook of your arm" bag too? (I like arm bags! :P)

    I'm looking for a "speedy" type bag - and i'm torn between the medium siggy madeline and the signature stripe zip satchel.
  2. I have both - A Madeline and a Signautre satchel - the madeline works well on the shoulder or in the hand and in to nook of your arm too , this is how i prefer to wear most bags and i found the madeline really easy to wear , both are easy to wear - I am being no help at all :rolleyes:
  3. I used to have a parchment siggy madeline or maddie for short. I preferred to wear her in the nook of my arm but you can carry her all 3 ways as described above. She's a very classy bag that reminds me a lot of something Grace Kelly might have carried in her heyday. HTH
  4. The medium madeline is very very comfortable on the arm. I find the medium one a little strange to wear on my shoulder because I feel like my arm sticks out too much due to the structure of the bag. If you're looking for something to wear on your arm though, a madeline is perfect. I have a large madeline that I use mostly for work but its great for everyday casual too.
  5. I love my new medium beet Madelaine. It's such a sweet bag. I agree with OKBagLady that it looks like a bag Grace Kelly would honour on the crook of her arm.

    I wouldn't mind collecting this bag in every colour except metallic because the veneer will flake off--I've seen a new bag in the store that already showed peeling and even a little scrape of the nail appeared to encourage some more of the veneer to come right off.

    That's one bag I totally :heart: love but I will probably just stick with the medium size because, proportion wise, (like on the medium Carly) the turnlocks just look so much bigger and cuter. :cutesy:

    The leather looks so nice and soft too. I can't say enough about how much I love this style bag. I also have the Hampton's tote too but this bag is just nicer with the big turnlock.
  6. I have a large Madeline, and it seems too big to be worn as a satchel on the arm, but a medium might not be too big.
  7. thanks for the responses ladies! tPF is such an enabler... I keep going to ebay and wondering if I should order that madeline right now :drool:

    does anyone have modelling pics of the madeline on their arm? I think I've seen pics of the large madeline, but I'd like to get an idea of what the medium madeline looks dangling off the arm

    thanks again!
  8. Here are my pics of my madelines on my arm and shoulder...

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  9. Shoulder:

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  10. I've been known to wear my Maddie both on the shoulder and dangling on my arm. I think she's a great bag to wear either way.
    I am going to be an enabler here, suggesting that you head straight to the bay right now and get you one!
  11. Don't you have the green maddie?
  12. I have a question: How many of you have removed their ponytail scarves on their Madelines? If so, how come? Is it because it's too bright and draws attention or that the colour of the scarf doesn't really look that good on your bags?

    I've seen a few people who carry Maddies in my city and all without the ponytail scarves. I think the bowtie looks so nice on the bag.

    I have the urge to keep the ponytail scarf on my Maddie for a long as I can before it gets dirty. I know I could swap ponytail scarves, but when the scarf is already stitched onto the handle it just seems so much more secure on the bag.

    What's your experienced Maddie owner's views? I've just owned my beet Maddie bag for barely 3 weeks.

    Thank you in advance for your replies.
  13. ^I've always noticed people that didn't carry the Maddie with the ponytail scarf too. >< I don't really know why since it looks so cute on the Maddie! When I first wore it out, it caught alot of eyes probably because of the ponytail scarf and since then..I've gotten multiple comments on it and how good it looks with the ponytail scarf.

    I think it IS because of the harsh Canadian weather..unluckily for me, I always seem to wear my Maddie out on the most harsh days- the ones with lots of wind/ snowfall and I always have to be careful and ALREADY- it has gotten dirty due to wind blowing some slush/etc to my way. ): Luckily, I cleaned it off and it's all new. I think the scarf adds a burst of color to it and makes it appear more interesting =) That's why I kept it on in the first place!

    To the OP: I mostly wear it like at the crook of your arm, probably cause the bulkiness of the bag.. when I wear it under my shoulder feels weird, and the ponytail scarf always seems to get crooked and gets me annoyed. Haha

  14. I am so glad I am not the only one who wants to keep the bowtie on. I can't wait for the weather to get a wee bit warmer before I take mine out for a stroll.

    I am glad you're enjoying your new Maddie, Princess Boa. You've got such a great deal on this bag and I am glad you're reaping the compliments you deserve for carrying it. I kinda like wearing it over the shoulder. My TNA parka is just too bulky to do that comfortably.
  15. Yes, I cannot wait either! =) You also got a pretty good deal also.. ~ haha I do like wearing it over the shoulder, except the flaw as I said was that because of my items inside (make up junk..etc), it becomes a bit bulky under there and also under my DKNY jacket. ):

    Does the Madeline come in a small size I'm wondering?