How to wear a Kelly, i.e.: opened, closed, etc..

  1. How do you ladies like to wear your Kelly? Just got my first, last week in Honolulu, and I have been playing with it in the mirror, not sure of how I like it on my arm. I like my Birkins open.....any suggestions?:smile:
  2. Always closed.

    Congratulations on your new Kelly!
  3. :yes::yes::yes:
  4. like i want to. lol no but it depends on the kelly and also what i am wearing it is always closed but sometimes i let the flaps fly freely
  5. CONGRATULATIONS on your Kelly!!!:yahoo:

    I wear mine this way ---> Orange Kelly 32cm.jpg
  6. I wear mine every which way (but always closed). If I am going to be in and out of it a lot, I do it H-addict's way. Otherwise I usually keep it fully strapped. In a 32 especially if sellier, I like it just simply hand-held. I use the shoulder strap when I need both hands free. If a smaller Kelly (28 or 25) I like it in the crook of my arm. And the 25 is sometimes worn messenger style with the shoulder strap.
  7. Hello, cftf,

    Usually turnkey locked but with the belts undone and tucked under the flap....unless I'm in and out of it a lot and then the belts tend to just kind of flop until I can tuck them up.

    I love the look of the Kelly belted all nice and pretty, but I'm opening and closing mine so much, that look rarely happens.

    And I always leave the shoulder strap on mine and use it 95% of the time.
  8. i like that look the best:yes:
  9. Exactly the way IRENE does hers. Lock locked with straps loose under the flap. This way it's easy access!

    HOWEVER, I DO buckle everything up when I have my black Box Kelly out and about. She just looks more proper that way.......

  10. DITTO:yes:
  11. same as shopmom. also have my shoulder strap attached so i can use it sometimes when i want to be handsfree.
  12. Congratulations, and wear your Kelly in good health!

    I usually wear mine closed with the straps undone (it's easier to access) but if I'm in a crowded place, I do up the straps to deter any would-be pickpockets.

  13. This is how I carry mine. Love having the strap attached for ease of use, and love having the cadena hanging from the keyfob. :girlsigh:

    Cafe 12.JPG
  14. I Wear Mine Just Like Irene & Lisa's Pictures
  15. Straps done, then flap over, then turnkey locked for me. Thankfully I don't keep it stuffed to the brim. I use the shoulder strap and handle about 50/50.